Collector’s Edition: Greg Hervieux


In our series, “Collector’s Edition,” we ask people about their personal art collections—from the first piece of art they ever bought to what they want to acquire next. Last time we spoke to Jonathan LeVine and this time we reached out to Greg Hervieux, co-founder of digital magazine BKRW and the BLACKRAINBOW shop in Paris.

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What was the first piece of art you bought or acquired?

My first piece was a drawing by the American graffiti artist MEO in 1989, but my real first painting was FUTURA 2000 in 1992.

What art do you have in your personal collection now?

I started with guys from the 1980s graffiti generation like FUTURA 2000, RAMMELLZEE, LEE QUINONES, CRASH, JONONE, COPE2, AONE. But as we grow up the scene changes, and this why in 2000 I started to open my eyes and collect artists like Os Gemeos, Kaws, JR, Doze Green, WK Interact, Todd James and Steve Powers. Now I try to be focus on young artists like Patrick Martinez, Sam Friedman, Curtis Kulig, Laurent Segretier and more.

What is your favorite piece in your collection?

Tricky question! My first painting, “Pointman,” by FUTURA 2000 is really important but I’m also really proud of my Kaws “Bus Stop” or my Os Gemeos painting, “They Don’t Do This Style Anymore.”

To be honest, I shared special moments with all of the paintings in my collection and that’s the most important. It’s not only a collection, it’s all my life behind it.

What art would you like to add to your collection?

If I was a billionaire, I would have Rembrandt, Picasso, Klein, Soulages, Rosenquist, Kruger and many more in my living room.

Do you collect anything besides art?

I’m not a collector, I’m just a guy who keeps everything.


Title artwork by Taylor McKimens

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