Collector’s Edition: Jens-Peter Brask


In this new series, “Collector’s Edition,” we ask people about their personal art collections—from the first piece of art they ever bought to what they want to acquire next. Last time we spoke to Ben Dietz, and this time we reached out to Jens-Peter Brask, a Copenhagen-based curator and writer. He curated Dansk Graffiti 1984 to 2013 at Kunsten Aalborg Museum in Denmark and manages the Brask Art Blog.

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What was the first piece of art you bought or acquired?

When seeing the Danish painter Michael Kvium at Gallery Susanne Ottesen in Copenhagen for the first time, I knew I had to own one of his works. So I was 20 years old and purchased my very first piece of art. Very quickly I found it interesting to look at art and bought artists like Christian Lemmerz, Martin Bigum and then even more Kvium.

What art do you have in your personal collection now?

I have been very supportive of the Danish art scene and Danish galleries, but also purchased at art fairs around the world. That also means my collection shows a wide range of different styles and mediums from established artists like Grayson Perry, Banksy, Anselm Reyle, Olafur Eliasson, Banks Violette to Tal R, Michael Kvium and Wes Lang and younger upcoming artists with a huge potential like the young American artist Dan Schein and Robert Davis and several ceramic works by the Danish artist Jan S. Hansen.

What is your favorite piece in your collection?

Three years ago, I went on an artist studio tour in Philadelphia, with my friend and great artist Eddie Martinez. After visiting around 18 studios, we finally went into this young artist Dan Schein’s studio. I was overwhelmed by his fascinating huge paintings of everyday life at the countryside with a twist of humor and sex. His works consists of tons of thick layers of oil paint in dark colors and has a great texture. I have several painting and drawings by Dan but my favorite piece is a huge painting (2.3 x 3.5 m) of a barren landscape where a farmer has triumphed over a monster, who is burning on a bonfire in the middle of a dry field, while the farmer’s accomplices flee in a rowing boat on the river in the background of the work. The work has a great depth and a fascinating universe that takes place between real and imagination in a violent caricatured naturalistic style.


What art would you like to add to your collection?

Without a doubt, that would be a piece by the American artist and social activist Keith Haring. His works expressed concepts of birth, death and war in a very simple and recognizable language.

Do you collect anything besides art?

Not in the same way as I collect art.

What did you collect as a child?

Stickers! I have several boxes of stickers from my childhood. I discovered them some months ago and it was quite fun to see how advertisements have changed over time.

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