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Been a while folks, but we’re back with another Principals Office! We hope you’ve missed us a much as we’ve missed you. Truth be told, we wanted out. But you, our adoring public dragged us back into the game. And since no new design can escape our watchful eyes, someone has to do the dirty work of calling out the bad ones. This week we present to you the (somewhat) new invention from Fabrikan called “Spray on Fabric.” It’s real, and it was almost too easy for us to write about…. almost!  Voted by Time Magazine the 6th best invention of 2010, it’s the flamboyantly gay brother to Ron Popeil’s Hair in a Can, ironically voted one of Time’s 50 worst inventions of 2010.  But the irony doesn’t stop there, Time magazine has more in store for us.  Always a bulwark of journalistic ethics and hard hitting reporting, Time lays it out in their opening pitch:

For Spray-On Fabric

“Cheese, Insulation, hair – a lot of surprising things can come out of spray cans.  Now we can add clothing to that list.”

For Hair in a Can

“Cheese, Spam, sardines – nothing really good has ever come from a can.  Hair is no exception.”


The absolute beauty of this is that the articles were written by two different writers. In some weird form of inverse plagiarism, Belinda Luscombe took Dan Fletcher’s article on Hair-in-a-Can, donkey-punched it in the gut, gave it a reverse mohawk and dished it out the world. Suddenly you knew what you’d always wondered: the defining distinction between being on one of Time’s “Best” and “Worst” lists is as simple as the difference between a poorly lit, shakily-shot video of a 20-something dude’s cranium and a photo of a generic southern European spraying down a disinterested Swan Lake reject.

Grade: GLH for Great Looking Hair (gotta watch the VID)


The Principals are a Brooklyn-based interactive design studio 

Artwork by Aiyana Udesen

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