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Anyone with half a brain who’s ever seen Teen Wolf knows these simple facts: Don’t get less than 8 hours of sleep, never have sex with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body, and don’t play cards with someone who has the first name of a city.  These three easy rules, what we like to call, “The Principals Principles” have never failed us in our not-so-difficult trek towards perfection.  But like any axiom, they should be able to evolve with the changing times. And since the orgiastic feast begetted by the 3D printer, these times really-are-a-changin’ (well… not really really achangin’, just like, theoretically a-changin’). The newest big name to join the wild rumpus is Ron Arad, famous not only for producing chairs so well designed they actually defy being sat upon, but also a dude with a snappy taste in hats.




Arad’s latest project replicating-something-already-widely-produced-but-only-relevant-because-it’s-made-with-a-3D-printer, is a line of sunglasses.  The new line is called “PQ”, and it’s a new brand he started, “from the ground up.” And if you’ve never started a company from the ground up before, there’s some shit you gotta get straight before you launch, son!  Ron says they had to, “invent a name for a brand of glasses… we had to do the logo…”  Dude, that sounds like a pain. You should hire some designers.  Oh, wait….  Anyway, according to Ron, using the 3D Printer is NBD, he’s been riding that pony since ’99.  In his words, “I wouldn’t even bother to tell you, ‘oh this is printed’ who cares! …. but… it is printed, I think it’s the first pair of glasses that I know about that’s one component, it’s monolithic.”  Well there ya go, add one more to The Principals Principles, “Don’t trust a man in shades.”

Grade: S for Sassy Sunglasses Suck Donkey Balls.


Check out the entire interview on Dezeen


The Principals are a Brooklyn-based interactive design studio 


Artwork by Aiyana Udesen

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