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It’s Spring, and that means Easter time, so how better to follow up the success of last week’s Principals Office than by phoning in a holiday-themed episode! But if we’re gonna phone it in, we’re gonna phone it in on something close to the heart (it’s even easier that way). So this week we’re calling in that delicious little rascal, Cadbury Creme Egg, report to The Principals Office!


The jewel in the Cadbury company’s cacao crown, the Cadbury Creme Egg makes an appearance in your grocer’s candy aisle every year from January 1st until Easter Day. This leaves you a total of only 9 full days left to stock up for the rest of the year! First introduced in its current form in 1963, the Cadbury company began the initial creme-filled egg-xperiments in 1923. The eggs are constructed from two half-egg chocolate shells filled with yellow and white creme, fused together then foil wrapped into a delightful little package any savior would be happy to find under their resurrection pillow.


Over the years these beauties have been released in over 20 different versions internationally, our personal favs being the Cadbury “Screme” Eggs. Not happy owning only half of the holiday candy pie, in 2010 Cadbury moved to take on the Halloween market with the Screme Egg as a delicious alternative to Mischief Night. The Principals being entirely opposed to mischief of all kinds fully support this initiative. Take it from us, there’s no worse way to start off the week than navigating your toilet paper strewn porch to find a fresh egg yolk on the hood of your IROC-Z. Happy Easter Y’all!

Grade: C for Camaros and Cadbury Creme Eggs for no apparent reason.

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