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This week we wanna tap into a little bit of design zeitgeist. Per usual we’ve been on almost permanent vacation from the stinkfest known as New York’s design scene, so these two will probably be nothing new to you.  But by merit of their nauseating ubiquity paired with a grade on the snarkmeter that could poison a toad, we have no other choice but to call them in.  So without further ado, Roman and Williams, report to The Principals Office!


Most famous for designing swanktanks like The Standard and Ace Hotels, what you may not know is that they spend almost as much time designing old-timey spaces as they do complaining on their facebook page.  Here are a few choice quotes:

About the Superbowl:

“Football replicates War with a ball, with unwritten endings and the airing of our simplified and outdated regional stereotypes and grudges – it also cruelly replicates a scene that attracts our natural voyeurism of violence.  Enjoy the game! much better than a civil war.”

At the death of experimental “Architect” Lebbeus Woods:

“Here is an example of the horrific sad crap that streamed from the minds of the lost generation of Architects.  The ones that helped draw up all the “unique” but dead buildings and “dynamic” but empty plazas of every city in the world. Broken men with broken hearts with corporate partners – trying to destroy the world. There are still by my estimates 140,000 of them walking around destroying things as we speak. Seek them out and give them a hug…then bury them.”

I know, I know, I think we need a nap after that last one too.  This type of vitriol can only come from the Janus-like, complex-riddled minds of a couple of interior designers who can’t decide which century they’re living in, and for that we salute you Roman and Williams.  Danny Tanners be damned, you clearly don’t give a fuck and we like that, even if your refusal to accept progress has spawned more mustache-sporting, lumber jack-wannabe, heritage clones than NYC can handle, your pseudo-intellectual rants are appreciated.  Now go design us a bar in NYC that we can get drunk in without feeling like we walked into the Germany Pavilion at Epcot Center.

Grade:  A for Acerbic Wit can balance Antediluvian Tendencies

The Principals are a Brooklyn-based interactive design studio 

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