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Lacrosse, for flagrant stealing, you’ve been called to The Principals Office!  Sport design is an overlooked corner of creativity. Some might describe that corner as a bastion of rampant, irreverent, or even reckless creativity.  Lacrosse is an even more obscure, as the Lithuanians are fond of saying, “corner of that corner.”  If you didn’t know, two thirds of The Principals come from Baltimore; the steaming, crab juice-soaked, hot-bed of Lacrosse; a deservedly overlooked sport stolen from the Native Americans and re-appropriated by Jeep Wrangler-driving, collar-popping, suburban cool guys.  It’s a sport that somehow retains a preppy refinement while simultaneously satisfying the warrior spirit of pubescent stick-wielding meatheads. To grow up in Baltimore means that by your third birthday you have a crab mallet in one hand and a lacrosse stick in the other.  But as the new century trudges on, this once localized sport has popularized from the brackish waters of the Chesapeake through Midwestern fields of grain to the great unknowns of the wild, wild West.  But during this diaspora Lacrosse lost something.  As if to make this pyrrhic victory, it had to sell all the cool it had stockpiled from the Air Gate days. It’s no longer enough to bastardize the Native American legacy it once cherished, what does that mean to a Hot-Mess munching Iowan tween anyway?  What Lacrosse needed Skateboarding has in spades, and it obviously was not a genius who matched these two polar opposites together, or at least blatantly stole from one.  Stealing from Skateboarding culture is nothing new (as we saw two weeks ago in the dreaded Stair Rover).  This isn’t the first time Thrasher’s logo has been swiped and it won’t be the last. But for Lacrosse to do so is a step so far into the twilight zone. When you robo-trip your way out of this wet dream, the tennis team manager will still be finger-banging the homecoming queen.  Thus leading us all to beg the question, does this mean The Principals will get a date to the Prom after all?


Grade:  J for Jocko Homo Graphic Designo Stealo

The Principals are a Brooklyn-based interactive design studio 

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