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Been a while since we called an actual person into the Principals Office. In fact, we don’t know if we ever have. The last 7 posts were written in a boredom-induced fog, fueled by unhealthy quantities of Adderall and Crab Chips.  Either way, it seemed about time we expanded our territory to something that could actually respond to our rants, to the Corpus Vile if you will.  But being called to The Principals Office doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Sometimes there are commendations to be received. Sometimes we like to celebrate our students for things like punctuality or perfect attendance.  Today we’d like to single someone out someone for distinguishing themselves in a distinguished field: the field of Excellence.  That’s right, it’s an abstract field, but Dr. Steve Brule is an abstract man.


We know what you’re thinking, Steve Brule?!  If the best they can do is call a fictional character into The Office, one from Adult Swim shorts no less, then these guys have lost their funny.  Why not, at the very least, call the actor that plays him in?  And beyond that, isn’t this column supposed to be about design!?  We answer you thus: Exactly.  Is Dr. Brule a fictional character?  Yes.  Do we wish he was real?  Double Yes.  And there-in lies the rub.  The design world needs a little Steve Brule from time to time.  There’s seems to be too much Danny Tanner in the mix these days, and not enough Steve Brule.  Dr. Steve Brule, we love you for imaging what it would be like to have a big brother and we love you even more for introducing us to Prizza,  So let this be a warning for all of you Danny Tanners out there, The Principals are coming for you.  Sure you might appeal to the hedge funding Blane’s and Chet’s and Rory’s of the world.  But one day the piper will come calling and your Corian-counter topped world will come crashing down.  You can run, but in the end all roads lead to the same place: The Principals Office.

Dr. Steve Brule, Grade:  C for Really Cool with Steve Brule.
(special thanks to Cardoza for the GIF references)
The Principals are a Brooklyn-based interactive design studio 

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