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Newsflash: Architects have given up on designing dynamic-yet-uninhabitable buildings, lower focus to unwearable clothing!

The 3D Printer has long been in use to produce children’s toys or machined parts, so it was only a matter of time before architects latched onto it as the panacea for their collective ignorance.  Two recent articles describe the depth of their hubris; via the 3D Printer, architects are now attempting to design anything from Clothes to Moon Bases.  Now, we’re all about exploiting advances in technology, heck we’ve been exploited all our lives!  But we can smell a fake a mile away, and this shit smacks of “first time at the rodeo-itis”.  So for the good of mankind, to absolve us of the collective future sins architects will most definitely commit, 3D Printer we’re calling you into The Principals Office, it’s our only hope!

3d print_clothes

3D Printer, you should have seen the desperation in their eyes, the hungry look in their faces.  When the endless line of Arab Sheikhs commissioning big-dick towers finally dried up, they were willing to try anything.  And you 3D Printer, with your promise that anyone can use you, even an architect, were just too tempting.  3D Printer doesn’t care if you don’t know how to sew, 3D Printer don’t give a SHITE if you’ve never been to space camp (3D Printer ain’t never been neither).  3D printer loves you no matter how little you know about anything! Just 3D model some crazy shit, press print and sit back and space OUT, you are now on the bandwagon and will soon enough have a “design firm” and hi-level collaboration with an up-and-coming fashion star, or even NASA!  3D Printer, we know you have a lot to offer, but a long way to go first.  Truth be told, even in our deepest darkest moments we’ve been guilty of using you.  But we don’t brag about it.  I mean, we only use you when we can’t “perform” on our own.  So the question remains: if you can only “perform” using the 3D Printer, are you really doing anything at all? Another question remains: what the fuck do architects know about fashion design or moon bases?  Answer:  Apparently not much.

Grade:  E for too Easy.

The Principals are a Brooklyn-based interactive design studio 

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  1. chmijo

    This rant might be a bit more convincing if the office that wrote it wasn’t employing other architecturally-appropriated temporal gimmicks (arduino LED installations). They can’t in good conscious hate on the work Iris van Herpen or Neri Oxman is doing, that shit is gorgeous. Love the Tom chair and radical racks though.

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