Sound Advice 164: Mark Mulroney


We are pleased to present our 164th installment of Sound Advice featuring Mark Mulroney. Mark is an artist living and working in upstate New York.
Sound Advice 164
01. Fucking Fierce So What by Wormrot
02. You’ll Sing a Song by Raffi
03. Drowning in Brown by Vincent Gallo
04. Clarinet Polka by Lawrence Welk and Myron Floren
05. Be a Man by The Heroine Sheiks
06. Today Tomorrow by Wild Birds & Peace Drums
07. Dance by ESG
08. Smile On You by Yello
09. Dipsy’s Fancy Hat by Teletubbies
10. Deuces Wild by Link Wray & The Wraymen
11. Under Me Sleng Teng by Wayne Smith
12. Nevertrust by Cavalera Conspiracy
13. High Protein Snack by African Head Charge


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