Sound Advice 158: Colin M Day

We are pleased to present our 158th installment of Sound Advice featuring Colin M Day. Colin is a San Francisco-based photographer whose new show Grey Areas opens at Gallery Three in San Francisco tonight (10/6).
Sound Advice 158
01. TRUTH ft. The RZA by Alexander
02. Outlines by The RZA
03. Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches
04. Ghostwriter by Rjd2
05. You’re Lost Little Girl by The Doors
06. California Dreamin’ by Bobby Womack
07. Dark Days by DJ Shadow
08. Change (In The House of Flies) by Deftones
09. Press Gang by Murder City Devils
10. Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio
11. America by The Shoes
12. Venus In Furs by The Velvet Underground
13. SF Anthem by San Quinn
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  1. j

    TRUTH. great suggestion

  2. Winnifred

    Can we get a new link??

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