Florida As A Zombie State

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  1. Hetal

    “NBC San Diego.”

  2. Dave

    must be spreading dawg.

  3. Jon

    No big deal. We’ve got it covered.

  4. Spades

    lol Florida needs to be blocked off and quarantined off from the rest of the country

  5. teh zombie plan

    please dont stop this… we need a good zombie Apocalypse.

  6. sb

    florida, cali, illinois, etc…..not all florida actually.

    With that said, incidents in Florida, California, Midwest and NJ (well, those are the ones that we’ve heard of) all within less than a week. To me thats even worse – too late to quarantine it to one area.


  7. kai

    my god ….. help america


    XMACHINEGUNX…that was posted in 2009… y u so dum?

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