Sound Advice 139: Lenard Smith

We are pleased to present our 139th installment of Sound Advice featuring Lenard Smith. Lenard is a NY-based photographer who goes by the name Jah Cousteau for his radio show on Radio Lily every Friday from 4-6pm. (tune in now)


Sound Advice 139

01. 100 Weight Of Collie Weed by Carlton Livingston
02. Hooligan by Dennis Brown
03. Hope by BDF meets Loud&Lone
04. Age Is Growing by Johnny Clarke
05. Late Nite Blues by Don Carlos
06. Every Man Has A Right by Cultural Roots
07. Leaving by Lacksley Castell
08. Creation Rebel by Burning Spear
09. The Word by Martin Campbell
10. Jah is on My Mind by Michael Palmer
11. International Farmer by Peter Broggs
12. His Imperial Majesty by Rod Taylor
13. Sensemilla by Barrington Levy
14. Day of Judgement by Hugh Mundell
15. Sweetwater Vibes by Hi Tech Roots Dynamics


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  1. This is crack fire…

    Please don’t sleep.

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