Sound Advice 137: William Strobeck

We are pleased to present our 137th installment of Sound Advice featuring William Strobeck.  William is a NY-based Filmmaker.
Sound Advice 137
01. Night Theme (reprise) by Iggy Pop & James Williamson
02. OUTSYDANITE (White Car Edit) SALEM Remix by SALEM
03. A Lot Less (Demo) by Sub Society
04. Love Eyes by Nancy Sinatra
05. Freek’N You by Jodeci
06. Whips n Chains by Jailbait
07. Redbone In The City by Bad Brains
08. Germ Free Adolescence by X Rey Spex
09. CHEREE by Suicide
10. Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure
11. Empty House of Tomorrow by Charles Manson
12. Height Down by John Frusciante
13. Blue Child (hell child version) by Jen ‘JR’ Reynolds
14. Pissing In A River by Patti Smith
15. Girls, Guys & Trains by Wonderful Broken Thing


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