The One Handed Bottle Opener

Kebo is a clever device

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  1. Nice concept, but do you really want beer all over your hand? I can do that without spending $24.95.

  2. Michele Edwards

    Hello Frosty, as a Kebo owner, I wanted you to know that you don’t get beer all over your hand. How did you even get that idea? With the Kebo, the lid pops off, the beer stays in the bottle, then you drink, and the beer goes in your mouth. It’s really simple. I used my Kebo last night while in the kitchen holding my supper dish in one hand,Kebo in the other. I popped the lid off my IPA in one click and went happily to the dining room with beer, dry hand, and supper plate. I hope you’ll try it! Cheers! Michele in Staunton, VA

  3. Scpeer

    Thanks Michael for the details. Ill be buying four for gifts.

    I suspect Frosty got the idea of beer all over one’s hand from the picture, above– the one with beer all over the guy’s hand.

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