Sound Advice 132: OBLVN

We are pleased to present our 132nd installment of Sound Advice featuring OBLVN. OBLVN is a Portland, Oregon-based artist and cartoonist whose show 100 Paintings opens this Saturday (3/10) at Klughaus Gallery in Manhattan.
Sound Advice 132

01. Stars in the Sky by Wildfire
02. Born to be Free by Bram Stoker
03. Nightjar by Necromandus
04. Easy Livin’ by Uriah Heep
05. Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air) by Captain Beyond
06. Freelance Fiend by Leaf Hound
07. Into The Fire by Dust
08. Suicide by Stray
09. Clevland Ohio by Granicus
10. Have You by Question Mark
11. Lightning by Iron Claw
12. Free Morning by Dr. Downtrip
13. From a Dry Camel by Dust


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  1. Leigh Feldman

    Good to see PDX getting some love! We have so much talent in this city/region!!

  2. ikea

    TWBE’s messed up, i keep getting redirected to random websites. this pops up after a few seconds and then i get sent to a random site. just a heads up…

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