Sound Advice 120: Justin Thomas Kay

We are pleased to present our 120th installment of Sound Advice featuring Justin Thomas Kay. Justin is a NYC-based creative director and graphic designer.
Sound Advice 120

01. Interminable Night by Acephalix
02. Pulverization by All Pigs Must Die
03. Abyss by Black Cobra
04. Resuscitate/Suffocate by HEARTLESS
05. Farmed by Baptists
06. Subterranean Initiation by Wolves In The Throne Room
07. The Clearing by Krallice
08. Shreds of Flesh by Nihilist
09. Ain’t No Way Around It by Future
10. Bass (Prod. by Clams Casino) by ASAP Rocky
11. A Zip And A Double Cup by Juicy J & Lex Luger
12. Let Ya Nuts Hang by Freddie Gibbs w/ Scrilla
13. I See U (Girl Unit Remix) by Lunice
14. Fogs by Kingdom
15. With U by Holy Other


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  1. Marko

    Great playlist!

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