Roger Gastman Goes To The Movies

I saw the movie Drive. Yeah, some violent, good close-up of killing some fools. But it’s the slowest movie. It’s like I was watching an old time silent movie where they don’t talk. But it ain’t silent. Some dude name Cliff something wrote the music for it. I really enjoyed the opening credits – they looked cool. Gave me lots of hope for the film. Chicks love the film cuz of the Ryan guy. Put me in that role and nobody wants to watch it. Let’s talk about something else. I finally got with the times and watched and payed attention to the Katy Perry Friday video. I’m a fan! Kenny G – Hansen – Debbie Gibson – Cory Feldman! It’s a winner. Speaking of Cory F, I just watched Lost Boys 3. Screw Drive, check out Lost Boys 3 on Netflix or grab it at Blockbuster.
Highlight of the film Drive:  chick gets her entire head blown off with I think a shotgun.


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  1. Free Rock City!

    This is perhaps the dumbest shit y’all have ever posted.

    Get some Adderall and look beyond yr belly-button, Roger.

    Surprisingly good movie among a desert of tween marketing ploys.

  2. daniel

    while slow, i thought it was refreshing. waste of space with the review

  3. boris

    Gastman must die. Annoying and unnecessary human waste.

  4. John

    I hated Drive. The opening sequence was amazing and I wanted the rest of the film to be like that but it wasn’t. There was no point or purpose to the film, it was just violence for violence’s sake and I didn’t feel like I learned anything nor was I entertained.

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