Sound Advice 113: Arne Quinze

We are pleased to present our 113th installment of Sound Advice featuring Arne Quinze. Arne is an artist living and working in Belgium who recently created Rock Strangers, an augmented reality sculpture at the Statue of Liberty.


Sound Advice 113

01. Take Me Into Your Skin by Trentemoller
02. Sins of My Father by Tom Waits
03. Attack Anna by TC Matic
04. Two Of Us by Supermayer
05. Oh Girl by Evil Superstars
06. Jump by Fad Gadget
07. Per Le Strade Di Roma by Piero Piccioni
08. I Love You But Don’t Touch Me ‘Cos You’re Sick by Black Daniel
09. That’s Not Really Funny by Eels
10. Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man by Grinderman


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