Sound Advice 110: Chris Johanson

We are pleased to present our 110th installment of Sound Advice featuring Chris Johanson. Chris is a Los Angeles-based artist.

“I have been into music for so long and so many songs are close to my heart. Here are ten songs from the list that have cruised around with me in my life.”
Sound Advice 110

01. Candy Man Blues by Mississippi John Hurt
02. Refried Boogie (Live) by Canned Heat
03. Come Back To Me by X
04. Louisiana by Timco
05. El Farolito by Hickey
06. Get Away by Flipper
07. Heal Me by Drunk Injuns
08. The Song Is The SIngle by Barr
09. Misterioso by Thelonious Monk
10. Little Hands by Alexander “Skip” Spence


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