Pig Island

After attending Meatopia last month, I’m definitely going to have to recommend this upcoming meat excursion. Featuring 20 chefs, 80 pigs, and constant flow of Sixpoint beer, Pig Island is a glutton’s paradise.

Thrillist has a pretty nice deal set up right now if you’re into discounts. Full Chef list after the jump.


Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez, Print

King Phojankong, Kuma Inn & Umi Nom

Adam Schop, Nuela

Jacques Gautier, Palo Santo

Trina Hahnemann (Guest Chef from Denmark) & Neuman’s Catering

Michael Ferraro, Delicatessen

William Horowitz, Ducks Eatery

Chris Rendell & Ryan Butler, Mary Queen of Scots

Michael Jenkins, The Darby

Joe Dobias, JoeDoe

Stefan Ching, The Clerkenwell

Nate Courtland, iCi

John Stage, Dinosaur BBQ

Mary Cleaver, The Cleaver Co. & Brent Sims, The Green Table

Edi and the Wolf, Edi and the Wolf

George Weld, Egg Restaurant

Ryan Angulo, Buttermilk Channel

Ethan Smith & Danny Mena, Hecho en Dumbo

Jimmy Carbone, Jimmy’s No. 43

Josh Bowen, John Brown Smokehouse

Cody Utzman, Papacitos Brooklyn

Alan Bravaccini, San Rocco


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