33 Ways To Stay Creative


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  1. Jamey

    I like this list. Im going to print it out and make a couple of minor adjustments and get started.

  2. Jim

    The notebook thing really helps.

    Read The Pinned Castle.

  3. Nate

    Finish something? How about a piece of turkey finished in gold?! http://trendland.net/color-your-food-with-food-finish

  4. I love this. I’m printing it out!! It’s great to have stuff like this to be motivated.

    Thank you =D

  5. I feel like this list is very cliche. Some things on the list will work, but a lot of it is just using keywords that seem to be chosen at random by going to the self-help section of the bookstore or library. The wording is just overused to the max.

  6. Kaitlin


  7. Since I love lists, I love the fact that the first thing on this lists is “Make Lists”

  8. Great list, I always carry a notebook but am still working on finishing things!

  9. Kon

    I dont think this list we really help you be creative, there are some ideas on there that i agree with but most of it is nonsense

  10. Tobe

    “Watch foreign movies” – Shut up. Watch good movies and remember that not all good movies are from your country.

    “Drink coffee or tea” – This will only make you look like you’re the creative type, it won’t actually do anything. If you want to be more creative:
    Next time you crave coffee or tea, write your friend a letter or play some ukulele.

    “Listen to new music” – This will also just make you appear more creative. Come on, just listen to more experimental music if you want to be creative. Listen to Henry Flynt, Barn Owl and Hank Williams.

    “Practice, Practice, Practice” – Try improvising instead. If you play an instrument already, try recording some improvisations with yourself or others. Practice your improvisation skills.

  11. Tom

    `”Be Otherwordly”? How shall I go about doing that? Any suggestions?

  12. Den

    Well done, a great list, thank you

  13. Most all of these are great,but I really like the one that tells you to do more of what makes you happy and to finish something.

  14. sarah

    I lol’d at the bits from incubus lyrics in there.

  15. With the invention of smartphones and other electronic mobile devices, does anyone carry a notebook around with them anymore? Surely notebooks are about as useful as wristwatches? 🙂

  16. Pattee Flwetcher

    I think that lists are a great way to help us “get a hold” of something, be it an idea, a behavior change, and so on. But 33! By the time I finished, I felt less than creative – it was imposing, then tedious, then banal.

  17. This is a great list. I love #15. I just did a post on my blog about collaboration and the creative process: http://www.solacesing.com/2012/03/songwriting-tip-2-collaborate/. Would love to get more feedback on that. “Don’t force it” is definitely another good one. It’s a lesson I need to learn as a writer and songwriter.

  18. Connie Ashpole

    This is on my wall – it helps me stay positive every day!

  19. Great list! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  20. I’ve seen this list before a while ago, but I forgot how much I like it. There are definitely a large amount of these things that I really did during my college years, and those were my most creative years for sure. This list makes me want to try and add more of these back into my life. Getting to integrate creativity into my life always makes me feel like I get more out of my day and also of my experience. That must be the artistic and musically driven side of me. I think strangely the hardest thing for me would probably be not being hard on myself. I think I’m going to make a slightly revised list that best applies to me, which would be a good thing for most people to do.

  21. Do more of what makes you happy!! <3

  22. This is a great list. I think the “Watch Foreign Films” is more about expanding your horizons and experiencing new (to you) expressions of creativity instead of simply watching foreign films. I don’t suggest Singing in the Shower if your apartment is like mine and everyone can hear you – unless you’re into that sort of thing. I’d prefer everyone was spared the experience of me singing in the shower.

  23. Vedette

    Yeah, just keep doing what you like to do more.

  24. cynic

    “Drink coffee/tea.”

    And . . . what exactly does this accomplish? Other than living into some stereotype of what “creative” people do, of course.

  25. I just came across this. I love it! 🙂

  26. fran

    TOBE you are very stupid.
    Great page.

  27. What a wonderful list. It’s always nice to find such positive inspiration.

  28. Steve

    I’m about to finish my beer. How’s that for creative?

  29. MagnetismSkin

    This is great! I love how this list deliberately shows the futility of our attempts to quantify creativity. Just look how it takes advice with genuine socio-psychological efficacy like “surround yourself with creative people” and juxtaposes it with vapid or nonsensical advice like “be otherworldly”, “drink coffee”, or “count your blessings”. Ha ha! Count your blessings? What does that even mean in this context? Ha ha ha, I don’t know!

    Until this list came along I never realized the impossibility of giving concrete advice on being creative when it’s ultimately an abstract and unconscious process specific to an individual, unless of course you read a page in the dictionary and then the brain orgasms just start flowing. Thanks list maker, whoever you are. 😀

  30. I will need to remember this…always!

  31. Rebecca

    I think it’s funny how number four is “get away from the computer”.
    I found this on the computer…

  32. Drako Hallumus

    Hmmm, I feel like I have seen this one before…. oh, right!http://www.mobypicture.com/user/therealhuubkoch/view/9690239/

  33. I do more of what makes me happy, which is looking at garbage. No really. I love garbage. Check out my inspiration: http://www.duallservices.com/blog

  34. great post, you should check my article about: how to boost your creativity, you will learn few tips and have a laugh 🙂

  35. curtis allen

    Good advice !

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    it gives you some help about how to chang your life

  37. Love this list. But the only thing that i can master is the Rule 24. 😀

  38. Derick Wade

    For those of you who commented negatively about this list, posting that it’s “cliche” or “nonsense”: your comments sound like a thousand other comments I’ve read across the web. Which makes YOUR comments cliche, trite,unoriginal.

    If you’re going to criticize someone’s work, at least have the CREATIVITY to suggest some ideas of your own.

  39. The way Rule 24 is indented is clever. It plays with the medium, which is another good way to get the creative juices going.

  40. 34. Listen to Nels Cline Singers
    35. Don’t talk for an entire day

  41. These rules are what we should live our lives by. 🙂

  42. I like this list, maybe will help me write about new things…and I am really in need of that.

  43. I so need to practice these tips more often, especially getting away from the computer!

  44. Habeeb

    Check out amazinf facebook status and quotes about life in general


  45. This makes sense. 🙂

  46. (,@_@,)

    “4. get away from the computer”

    This item makes little sense to me. Computers can be used for creative expression. If you are using the computer to create something, should you take a break from being creative to go be creative? Without someone sitting in front of a computer, a large amount of creative content would not exist, including this website. I could go on, but choose to stop here.


  47. Belinda

    Love this list!

  48. Great list! I stumbled upon it and well, awesome 🙂

  49. Dude

    Watching foreign films makes you creative. I always feel creative after watching a Mr. Bean movie.

  50. austin werdene

    what do you mean by be otherworldly

  51. Suzanne

    Thanks for sharing this one! Good reminders!

  52. akz zantout

    wide scope for knowledge & INTERTAINMENT

  53. shaun

    You forgot turn your I-Pod off and get drunk.

  54. I like the idea of stopping being someone else’s idea of perfect. I can truly relate to that. Even in things like our weight, we need to find a way of living our life without caring so much for other people’s opinions.

  55. i am going to send it to all my friends:)

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  57. This is a great list. I love how number one is make lists. I have many lists for everything. I also almost always carry a notebook and if I don’t have one with me I use the notepad on my phone. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Really great advice! I can use each and every one.

  59. To me, finishing something would keep me creative because of the comments that I get from the things that I do.

  60. Richard

    To witness creativity, visit this website:


    Humorous and serious uncommon creativity abounds…

  61. I find it ironic that you put ‘get off the computer’ on a website!

  62. I buy pocket moleskines and have a library of helpful “notes to self” – this is a great list and rings true! It works.

  63. Thank you does not seem enough for something that inspires you to get of your bottom and do things. Thank you!

  64. Here’s some constructive feedback. What you know to be true is not my truth.

  65. Charlotte

    This is more like how to be a hipster…

  66. reading this list gives me an idea. i’m going to re-vise this in a way that makes more sense for my everyday life and post it up in my creative space as a reminder. thanks for sharing.

  67. Thirty three ways are very creative and practical way for happy life. Out of these 33 ways, I liked the number ten “Know your roots”. It is really very interesting. The next is count your blessings. In this world blessings are very important for life. Other positive thinking and relax way of life is also very interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.

  68. Renee

    concise, I like it!!

  69. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us.

  70. Love this post. I am new to Stumble. I am extremely happy to have joined.

  71. This was really helpful! I especially liked “Quit beating yourself up.” I know that whenever I feel like I’m really trying to push something out – whether a story or a blog post – and I’m not succeeding, I just get stuck in a downwards spiral.

    Thanks for all the tips! 🙂


  72. I love this list and am going to start telling my husband to do these things.


  73. hachmom

    Thank you for this list. Great motivators

  74. It good and nice job keep it up

  75. When you do more of what makes you happy and are in line with your priorities, while living to your fullest potential, you can’t help but feel more creative.

  76. Really amazing rules…I really wanted something like this. Thank you so much for such an evergreen note.

  77. Genea

    Haha what a great list.

  78. Awesome! Simple and super effective! Just pick one and roll with it.

  79. LlamaLolipopxX


  80. Charleymarsbar

    Inspiring – that is all!

  81. Reading your list on the ipad while sitting on the beach and watching the sunset in Puerta Villarta. It doesn’t get much better than this !

  82. Ken

    My way of staying creative is writing I am just about to finish writing my second book “Ken Saunders Retiree” “The Older I get the faster I was” My first book was “Homeward Bound to Oz”. Oh! and this Sunday 29th July I am running the M7 Marathon (22km) that should keep me focused.


  83. Mei

    Very nice post. I really believe stop being someone else’s perfect and have courage to follow your own passion is very important. Thanks 🙂

  84. I like this site, neat and simple but quality content. good luck ..

  85. That was awesome! thanks for all the tips. If anyone wants, they can check out my writing on my blog http://setheworldonfire.blogspot.in/
    its all about my journeys through india and the philosophical discoveries i made there.

  86. Love the list. Number 4 get away from the computer really spoke to me or should I say challenged me.

  87. This is a great example of a blog posting that works well, and could go pseudo-viral, which is a word I just invented. You can digest this list quickly or slowly, ponder it, print it and post it on your cubicle, meditate over it in the bathroom cubicle, or just take a 60-second break at work and think, “that was clever”; and it is. Lists so very frequently make for good postings. They appeal to many, and are easily transferred around between friends.

  88. Great Ideas and since we are all a different crayon in the box we can add to this or change it to fit our own individual needs.
    Thanks for sharing.

  89. Ryan

    How would drinking coffee or tea make you more creative? I don’t get the connection. Like somebody else has said, that just seems like it would make you *look* like the creative type.

  90. Caroline

    I especially like number 24. ^.^

  91. Jay

    I absolutely love this list….thanx.

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  93. I think I’m going to copy this. I really need some motivation/inspiration right now. Thanks!

  94. DangeRuss

    What the list shows most clearly is how superficial and silly we are

  95. This is really awesome! 🙂

  96. I like your list.

  97. Faye

    This list is obviously designed to motivate. Take what you want from it and maybe some things that will challenge you. Some will just push it aside because it may seem out of their comfort zone but that is the challenge?

  98. Ethan

    Can I just say that some of the world’s most creative people actually behaved quite contrary to these ways.

  99. I’m here to play the soy sauce

  100. Lisa

    I enjoy this immensely. Im going to work with this from now on.

  101. Being creative means doing–not thinking about doing, but doing. Most of your 33 items are about doing. I like your list except 27: Read a page of a dictionary. I find that reading a random page of an encyclopedia more interesting. Also, wandering down the stacks of a library organized around the Dewey Decimal system and pulling a random book can jog me into another mindset.

  102. bizzybislands

    Dream…Share your dreams with someone likeminded and collaborate on ideas

  103. bizzybislands

    Dream…Share your dreams with a likeminded person and collaborate on ideas.

  104. Very Inspiring. You should check out my site http://www.artistxs.com. There is a piece that talks about artist authenticity here:


    I feel you’d enjoy it. Keep Shining.

  105. wow very nice man

  106. I’d like to add “masturbate regularly.”

  107. OMG! this is absolutely inspired me ): thanks so much PATIENT and DON’T GIVE UP are the most important that I need to improve myself on.

    Thanks – Ferb

  108. Great list, for a new begining starting today…

  109. it’s a very useful list, bring me creative ideas.


  111. Really trying to overcome #29 – stop trying to be someone else’s idea of perfect. I think it paralyzes a lot of people. Even when I’m in the middle of a project, I find myself wrestling with voices of imaginary critics (it’s a bit loud in my head sometimes!).

    Nice collection of ideas–thank you for the post.

  112. Thanks for this very inspiring words.

  113. I like the last one. Finish Something.

  114. Brilliant list! #2 has done wonders for me. I never leave home without it. 🙂

  115. Hello

    It’s a very nice resume, my problem is to get away from the computer.

    And taking notes it’s very important as well.

    Thx for sharing


  116. Why only 33 by the way?

  117. Yeshuratnam

    Welcome everyday and overcome every challenge

  118. tuh, i Already got all this stuff down B)…. well excpet the coffee part 😀

  119. Sinibib

    How to be creative:

    Don’t do it yourself! Follow my lead!

    Ain’t no paradoxes around here!

  120. I really needed this today. Thanks!!! ~ Peggy

  121. Harlan Koyer

    OK I’m going start with number 31… just as soon as I finish wasting time on the computer…………..

  122. rose

    A couple of these are pretty good, but a couple of them sound a lot more like tips for self improvement rather than staying creative. The notebook one is a definite plus + but things like “get feedback”, “be open”, etc. Eh. I’d say some things should be added like; assembling a castle out of fruit, or dressing up with no place to go.

  123. I agree with some that this list doesn’t exactly make you more creative but to most it does keep you happy. My favorite one is know your roots. That is so important to me and it really does help you understand who you are. Carrying a notebook everywhere is also a good one. Anytime you have an idea you can write it down. No thinking about it and forgetting it later. Also, don’t give up. Such a great phrase to live by. No one accomplished anything by giving up. These are great. Thanks for sharing.

  124. The 34th way is take care of your stem cells. Your body will love you for it.

  125. no body can follow but being creative we need all the best ways and methods for being success.

    we have no choice not to know them but still required to apply them for making our progress, actually there are several ways to be creative, people are born to limited sources and not many of us that are gifted to know them all.

  126. Sofie

    If you want to be creative – COME UP WITH A WAY TO BE CREATIVE YOURSELF. Duh.

  127. Great list! I agree that a hot beverage can be conducive to creativity.

  128. Great list! Thanks for sharing………:)

  129. jms

    awesome post I love staying creative at work

  130. This is indeed a very inspiring post. Must apply this

  131. Gabrielle

    I love this. Everything on this is true and it helps majorly. <3

  132. Wonderful list. It should be on the wall of anyone who truly has that creative bug.

  133. jf

    Great list. Good work.

  134. Thank you very much for this usefull information.
    I am going to write it down.

  135. Go somewhere new…works every time – even the train is fat fodder for ideas…hearing how people speak and interact with each other. I once met a young girl who did make-up in the mortuary…fascinating!

  136. Really fantastic ideas to enhance the creativity. I always face difficulty in writing my new articles. Your ideas will help me a lot. Thanks

  137. Clean my workspace? Are you crazy! I like my mess.

  138. wonderful idea. thanks for this idea and share it.

  139. what a great list of ideas..gonna try follow.

  140. Rei

    I stop reading this after a few numbers and just read the comments instead. They were more interesting and had a lot less BS 😀

  141. Indeed. This is a list I will definitely bookmark!

  142. Very good recommendations!

  143. alicia

    This is sooo cool! I saw something similar on http://everywherenigeria.com

  144. SlooMooo

    Well, I’m pretty sure I would not consider this the best list I’ve read and if thats the case it leads me to this if lists are even read….But yea, cliche and some what irrelevant: coffee? tea? Seems stereotypical, however some points are helpful.

  145. Liked the list. Thought of two comments: Caffeine, 5 cups coffee or 20 cups tea a day associated with preventing Alzheimers, so maybe it helps one think. 2) Once heard that submitting to proper authority and the Ten Commandments, helps one learn to be creative, -probably as one thinks of ways to do them wisely and lovingly, freely, beneficially… -creatively! The Best to you all!

  146. WutWhy

    I was bothered by #24 so much that I couldn’t finish reading the rest of this cliche list.

  147. Wow list for new year 😀

  148. HAILEY

    I like the break rules one its true

  149. Mahendra


  150. Faith

    More to add…
    1. doodle while you listen in a meeting or while talking on the phone.
    2. ask more questions; be a better listener and imagine you are writing a book about the topic/person you are listening to!
    3. go see an art exhibit; check your local art museum for an exhibit that you really would like to see.
    4. try a new recipe if you cook, if not, eat something that you’ve never tried before or at a time you would never eat it; grits for dinner!
    5. re-purpose something that you would normally throw away or give away; use a shoe box to organize your old sunglasses!
    6. make up a new word for something that you do always, for example; de-newsitize the house; I turn off the news (de-newsitize) the house after noon.
    7. spend time with a three year old and let them lead play time!
    8. go shopping in your closet and put things together that you would never wear together; two prints!
    9. plant something and watch it grow.

  151. Sheila Cornelius

    I know too many people who are otherworldly already. I think they are daft. ( I just try to look as if I have a clue as to what they are on about ) I only read as far as far as 17 then my schoolmarm bristles were all aquiver. Should be Practise, not Practice.

  152. Make Sense 😀

  153. andrew

    “smoke weed” should have made this list- its scientifically proven to stimulate areas of the brain closely associated w/ creativity.

  154. I really like this. I like the watch foreign films suggestion. Amelie!

  155. elexis

    i really like this is everything i try to do every do and now i just going down the list.

  156. Akanksha Chaturvedi


    In present scenario Media Publishing and Telecasting is at its peak.Day after day no. of news channels are increasing but never to forget everything has its pros and cons.
    Lets focus on pros :

    We cannot deny that with media in power people are better informed and better communicated.Media also played major role during our struggle of independence.Media also helped in conviction of high profile Jessica Lal murder case .
    Now the cons:

    Media reacted very insensitively during MUMBAI BLAST where security was compromised for footage.In recent DELHI GANG RAPE case media was more focused on publishing and telecasting statements of politicians which was irrelevant.At last but most common is media plays with emotions of victims which showed media’s callousness.
    For films we have Censor Board where it is necessary to get CENTRAL BOARD OF FILM CERTIFICATION.
    For TV Channels BROADCASTING AUTHORITY OF INDIA was launched on June 2011 http://www.bcc.ie/how_to_complaint/index.html (Link for how to complain in BAI).
    It is always said that

    which itself makes us mobile censors.So I would like to conclude by saying that

  157. Excellent list thank you. Maintaining your creativity gets harder as you get older. I find that writing my blog is very helpful as well as constantly trying to learn new things. Devepoling a passion for something like getting fit and healthy is also a good idea. Take care and be well. Tommy

  158. sirihasa

    Its like it is just posted for me…happy to see many people are and think like me…

  159. reading peoples comments helps me be creative!

  160. Just found this site-love it. Very user friendly and interesting!! Will recommend to others for sure.

  161. Great little inspirational messages!

  162. Elizabeth

    I really love this list. I really believe it fosters creativity. I do many of the things on this list already (like read the dictionary just for fun), and I believe it really helps. I also have a tendency to sometimes be hard on myself so I think it’s good to have this as a reminder.

  163. pou etre creative, je reve, j’ecris,j’invente ma vie et le monde. je vis dans le monde de ma chihuahua

  164. This is a great list. Thanks for putting it together and then sharing it with us. I’m definitely keeping a copy of this around.

  165. sanghwa

    If you like this list, you should check out the page below. It’s a ’15ways to be irresistibly attractive’ and I loved it!

  166. Great list. I’ll print it and keep it on my desk.

  167. Inspiring list! I agree with every point.

  168. Love that the “break the rules” one is a different font.

    The “stop beating yourself up” and “allow yourself to make mistakes” are my two that I need to work on the most I think. It helps the creativity too to not so harshly critique everything you do, but to learn from it.

  169. Wonderful quote!!

  170. This is such a great list, thanks for sharing!

  171. We like “Stop Beating Yourself up” – we do tend to waste valuable time and energy when we’re stuck in a negative zone, feeding off negative vibes. Get over it and Move on!

  172. Mavenan

    jus wat i wanted to read n realise abt myslf!! thanx!!!

  173. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  174. Azu-nyan

    Being away from the computer might be a step in the wrong direction for me. I watch anime.

  175. DNSH

    It took me many lost nights and a hurting soul to understand what I know about love, beauty, and the things that matter most. And the one thing I have discovered is that you don’t find love, it finds you; when you’re least expecting it. Beauty shines its way through the simplest things, like street children gathering bottles on a misty morning. Or the rain drops poring outside a tea stall in the middle of a forsaken land. And peace can be found hidden in the heart of every man.

  176. I’m loving this list. One a day for 30 days for a more creative self. Looking forward to it! ~Pamela

  177. pretty cool list. and what coincidence it starts with making list. 😀

  178. Johne854

    I do not even know how I stopped up here, however I assumed this put up was good. I do not recognise who you are however definitely you’re going to a wellknown blogger for those who are not already edeaecbgddcb

  179. Imran

    Guys checkout this awesome blog to boost your moral.


    I’m sure you will definitely love it.

  180. mitch

    youre all retarded….i read about 3 comments but if you think you can force yourself to be creative you are an idiot

  181. Roger Wolsey

    Re: 31, “Clean your desk”, actually messiness fosters creativity. See: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2013/10/messy-desk.aspx

  182. All true and nothing new but it’s good to have the reminder

  183. Ardita Tolaj

    Break the rules! That’s the point

  184. What an excellent list! Thanks. I needed this

  185. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  186. Justine

    That is abosultely right!

  187. Good list.

    Staying creative for me tends to be about timing. I am often creative, just not always where or when I need to be.

    Here is my take:


  188. I think #32 is the most important rule. just within reason

  189. Bobbard

    #34: Make your own list and stop printing someone else’s. Having original thoughts actually doesn’t hurt at all. Try it today 😀

  190. Already carrying a notebook everywhere with me :U

  191. Why does it seem like the same self-help advice keeps floating around….over and over…. come up with new material!

  192. I pretty much do all of these. Especially love #2 and #23 …need a bit more practice on #4. Need more of #13.
    How about you other creatives? What are your favorites?

  193. This is one of the best list I ever read. The ways are effortless and surely make us more creative. Thanks for sharing it, cheers.

  194. totally have to agree with #29! Too many writers get boggled down with trying to please their readers, they forget to please themselves in the process.

  195. Captain Obvious

    What a crock of shit. Aside from being a collection of absolutely useless and shallow platitudes, anyone who needs a list like this to be “creative” likely doesn’t have the talent to be creative in the first place.

    This is a placebo for people who don’t even have the disease,

  196. Great list. I always find that going for long walks helps with creativity. I wrote my first novel in a notebook on a 2 week wilderness hike. I’ve always found hat isolation breeds creativity as it gives you a chance to really let go of everything else and have an extended dialogue with yourself.

  197. D.Bhattacharya

    19th and 20 th are the best among all.At least I think that.For me 33rd is the hardest. It is the most defecult part. To explain the 33rd I like to include another point in that list,i .e., 33.a. One should satisfied with one’s own writing. I never felt .I really have a question. How would I get rid of this 33.a point?

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