Topeng Monkeys

Saw a little blip in Metro this morning about these masked performance monkeys in Indonesia. Cruel as it is, they’re definitely good nightmare fuel.

Shout-out to this guy who is definitely in need of some Timberland Boots

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  1. Can mankind come up with anything else to enslave and diminish the quality of life of innocent sentient beings? I mean, really this is outrageous!
    Why don’t we all work on practicing compassion?

  2. mdh

    Of course we should practice compassion. But we should also recognize that asking condescending questions is not a point along that path.

  3. krullulon

    I love it when middle-class Westerners judge people who barely make a US dollar a day, who did not have the benefit of Western education to develop their fancy “animals are people too” morality, and who live in tin shacks with no electricity or water.

    Cheri: how about you go to Indonesia and devote your life to helping all of those monkey buskers make a better life for themselves? No? Then shut your stupid, spoiled hole you insufferable twit.

  4. jj

    Are we sure the last one isn’t Johnny Depp?

  5. Jack


    These monkey’s look fabulous in their outfits.

    Is the first one in the series scratching his nuts? Not really fitting with the blonde girl mask he’s wearing

  6. b

    Fckn hell raping animals seems to increase like a virus everyday. Lets chain them up themselves, heartless bastards.

  7. Smithereens


    Nothing condescending in Cheri’s comment. Yours, however, is dripping with it. Perhaps you read her words in your own voice – a bit like this:

  8. LGF

    Well said, MDH.

  9. Alex D

    MDH is an idiot and so are all the people who find these pictures amusing!

  10. Yes… this

  11. Susan

    All of these are photo shopped except for the last one (maybe). You’re welcome.

  12. Pamela

    Everybody chill out – it’s just the internet.

  13. mariana

    Said, very said.
    they’re animals, not clowns.

  14. IRM

    You people that are complaining about this are gay. That is all.

  15. PaganLA

    Anyone that complains about these photos need to be a vegetarian or they are a hypocrite.

  16. LAH

    The ends don’t always jusify the means, especially when living in a society that presents options, regardless of how limited. Cleaning toilets is more ethical than enslaving, chaining, or causing discomfort to anyone who does not have the power to walk away.

  17. WTF

    If they want to make them look cute, they totally FAIL.

    WTF. How about getting a nicer leash and put on a simple ribbon instead? This just looks more desperate and even more cruel.

  18. WTF

    It is pretty sad that the monkey looks better than the owner. Do they get money out of pity or actual entertainment? Don’t know how I feel about this monkey business.

  19. homerjsimpson

    Funny monkeys.

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