Debuting at Model Citizen’s last week were a trio of works from the Brooklyn-based design collective Laura+Charles+Christopher. Featured above is the Agni Fire Bowl, designed by Laura Weatherly and hand formed from aluminum, out of three nesting patterns and then coated with a high heat ceramic glaze. Sure to be a sleek addition to any summer entertainment system.

The Bambi Coat Rack designed by Charles Constantine is made of solid bronze and silver soldered together, the structure is then treated with an antique black patina and burnished on each end. This coat rack seems to buckle with use, but actually gains stability.

The Charlotte Bin gives a visual weight to the refuse the user produces. Bronze was chosen to give the bin value and importance, while the trash added serves as ornament. The clear basket  makes the user aware of his waste production and seeks to shame them into using less. Designed by Charles Constantine with Christopher Williams and Laura Weatherly.

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