Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips

Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips are like no other potato chip I’ve tasted. They’re really clean, light, and make for an addicting session of munching.

Unless you live in a small section of central Illinois, your best bet to sample them is by ordering online.

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  1. Meeo Mie

    I’ve been eating them for 55 years. Around here they are referred to as “Farmington Chips,” because that’s where they started, in Farmington, IL population 2,000. Like no other chip. Delectable. Send Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips to Libya, and Moammar Gadhafi will come around.

  2. sdehn

    Hello from a long-time follower in Galesburg, IL!
    I can’t believe you came across Kitchen Cooked Potato chips. My first experience with the crispy beauties was a visit to our local Coney Island hot dog stand down the street….ironic no? You haven’t really lived until you’ve paired a bag of kitchen cooked chips, a coney dog and a rootbeer float.

  3. best chips EVER ! !

  4. nathaniel bowden

    Kitchen cooked teast like this chip call yo yo back in the 70’s

  5. Tim Camden

    The flavor of the chips has changed this summer (2017).
    At first I thought the change was due to over heating in the shipping trucks but now it is Oct and the flavor still is different.

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