Sound Advice 97: Bobby Hundreds

We are pleased to present our 97th installment of Sound Advice featuring Bobby Hundreds. Bobby is based in Los Angeles and is owner of The Hundreds.
Sound Advice 97

01. If I Could by Mineral
02. Red Paint by The Promise Ring
03. Crush by Jimmy Eat World
04. Building by Sense Field
05. Shoulder to the Wheel by Saves the Day
06. Shorty by The Get Up Kids
07. Back and to the Left by Texas is the Reason
08. Gesture by Farside
09. Ostrichsized by Lifetime
10. Star Slight by At the Drive In
11. McCarthy by Avail
12. New Noise by Refused
13. Faraway by Ignite
14. Grey by Strife
15. FIrestorm Forged in the Flames by Earth Crisis


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  1. thank you for sharing guys! great work.

  2. notanemofag

    you really listen to that shit? really?

  3. Mosnotdef

    In the end it’ll all sound like

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