Sound Advice 96: Richard Colman

We are pleased to present our 96th installment of Sound Advice featuring Richard Colman. Richard is a San Francisco-based artist.
Sound Advice 96

01. Dissident Aggressor by Slayer
02. Hole in the Sky (Live version) by Black Sabbath
03. Something Better by Marianne Faithfull
04. Weird Tales by Electric Wizards
05. Vibrator by Motörhead
06. He Who Accepts All That is Offered by Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine
07. Daytime Nighttime Suffering by Wings
08. Senex by Throne(s)
09. Theme for a Dragon by T. Rex
10. Spell of Destruction by Burzum
11. Beyond Belief by Elvis Costello
12. Vomitself by Boris
13. For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica
14. Map of the City by Royal Trux


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