Sound Advice 95: Sixpack France

We are pleased to present our 95th installment of Sound Advice featuring Sixpack France. Sixpack France is a French clothing label and brand.
Sound Advice 95

01. Au pays des merveilles de Juliette by Yves Simon
02. Hard Coming Love by United States of America
03. It’s All Over Your Face by Ronnie Dyson
04. Operation by Yuck
05. Slow Jabroni by Surfer Blood
06. No Car No Blow Job by The Chinese Stars
07. Monk Time by The Monks
08. Concorde Square by Crispy Ambulance
09. Open the Wormhole in Your Heart by Warm Ghost
10. Shut Down by L.F.O
11. I by Labradford
12. Sporting Life by The Sea and Cake
13. I’m a Wonderful Thing by Kid Creole and The Coconu
14. Kate by Ben Folds Five
15. No More Hot Dogs by Hasil Adkins
16. Deerfield Village by Rangers
17. Killin’ The Vibe by Ducktails
18. Get Around to It by Arthur Russell
19. End of time by The Black Dog
20. Endonesia by Above the Law


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