Inspected Gadget: Star Wars gets the Blu Ray treatment


The original trilogy, now in full 1080p HD glory just got an official release date of September 16, 2011. Throw it on a THX-certified TV and you’re golden. Anyway, I hope it includes the original, deleted opening to “Return of the Jedi.”


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  1. is it actually possible to see the non-raped originals? i thought the only versions for sale are the CGI enhanced? anyone? beuller? beuller? thx.

  2. Ehh… Lucas is such a revisionist I’m worried he’ll actually do more ‘tweaks’ to them as he did with the DVDs.

    I think the last way you’ll see the originals is on the VHS versions from the 90s, or on laserdisc if you want something that’s higher quality… but good luck on that one:

    Some of the newer DVD versions that Lucas messed with (2000 onwards) came with the originals, but gave you exactly that – the original films, unmastered, with no audio remastering or anything that would take advantage of modern home theater equipment (but without re-editing the movie itself).

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