TWBE x MoMA Gif-Away Final Voting

This was by far the toughest contest/giveaway we’ve had to judge. Thank you to all who entered for a chance to win a pair of tickets granting access to the Armory Show Vernissage along with the opening-day party at the museum featuring a performance by Kate Nash. You can still get tickets to the MoMA party here. After the jump, see the 5 finalists and Seyran Dalipovski’s winning entry.

Sean Stewart

Jake Meier

Caroline Lollo

Sasha Blejec

Seyran Dalipovski

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  1. Susan Stewart

    I like Sean Stewart’s the best!

  2. Susan Stewart

    Entry looks good Sean!

  3. Piotr

    wow, Lollo’s website is full of treasures :

  4. Sandro

    VOTE LOLLO ! She is the best ever!

  5. cmon some photographed garbage bags? get out of here with that. its SEYRAN DALIPOVSKI ALL THE WAY!

  6. Kinsksygrl87

    HI SEAN!

  7. Vote Caroline Lollo, she’s really amazing and her work is fabulous!!

  8. Barriga

    Lollo j’adore !

  9. Jean-Michel

    The work of Caroline Lollo is the best i’ve ever seen !

  10. lhommegrenouille

    C’est bien, c’est beau: je vote Lollo !

  11. Seems like something I could have come up with, but best of luck to the other Sean Stewart!


    Sean Stewart

  12. LUCIAN F.

    I am proud to vote for Caroline Lollo!
    Have a look on her website, all the others gifs are amazing.
    Keep an eye on her!

  13. Ralf P.

    Caroline Lollo is a Gifsy Queen !
    What an amazing discovery.

  14. OdoleLouis

    Caroline, so amazing

  15. Hava

    his is the best anyway come on.

  16. dupuy

    caroline lolo caroline lôlo caroline lolô caroline lôlô

  17. LOLLO IS JUST SO SO.. check out SEYRAN DALIPOVSKI’S GIFs made by hand, people! BY HAAAAND!



    Are you kidding?
    Don’t you see that Caroline Lollo deals with duality and art?
    We just don’t care about zombies!
    For me it’s pretty clear, SHE deserves to win!


    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  19. Seyran is the coolest and baddest mofo that ever lived!!!!!!!! hail to seyran!!!!!!!! woooo

  20. nora

    caroline freud ftw!

  21. Dorf

    wow, there were so many others that made so much more sense to have in a final vote…really made this an easy pickens with these selections.

  22. meeeeh.. lollo is using the same formula over and over again. lets see some variety up in here. ZOBIEEEEEEEZZZZ!!!

  23. John Marshall

    Zombies are has been.

    Caroline Lollo rocks !!!!

    I vote for Caroline Lollo !

  24. dont listen to the commentator ya’ll, he picked a plastic bag gif to the finals out of the awesome list they had up. ridiculous.


    I have to agree. SEYRAN draws every frame. It’s more than just your typical gif. He’s doing something really great AND FRESH. He gets my vote and should have yours too!

  26. Jean Dupont

    Caroline Lollo’s gifs are just… wow.

    I’ve never seen anything like this before.


    She is a photographer! Of course her gifs are series!
    Your friend made some cute things, but it’s more funnier than memorable eventually… And too much illustrative in my opinion!
    Besides, this one is really disgusting.

  28. AquaBabie

    I’m not trying to trash anyone’s hard work but when you think about it overall: when someone takes the time to draw a gif frame by frame I think they deserve to be recognized for their extra hard work. Lining up some pictures that you took in less than a minute with the few clicks of camera and calling it a winner? I dont think so. Is that a picture of Caroline… can we say conceited much?

    Vote Seyran a real original!!!

  29. Seyran Dalipovski’s is awesome!

  30. birdhorsemachine all day swag

  31. I’m done for the day.. I’ts been fun. Lollo is pretty dope and so is Sean.. I was just having some fun ya’ll.

    May the best win! (ahem SEYRAN ahem)


  32. Veronica

    WOW! this Zombie is great very creative and all by hand! Effort put into all those frames & coloring.

    has my vote for sure!

    lollo..2 pictures with the same formula over & over.. ? Eh. Nothing special. I like to see creativity.

  33. Nicholas Garcia

    Seyran gets my vote allllll the way, yo yo yo yo. UHHH!!!

  34. garbage

    WOW, these are all fucking garbage. Who the fuck was responsible for picking these?

  35. dorrrrian

    DEL LOLLO !!

  36. purpleapplemango

    Seyran Dalipovski you got it 🙂

  37. Luls

    I agree with garbage. This competition is a sham.

  38. Vote for PIXELFUCKS!

    ^ ^

    (submission sent in and not selected for the final 5)

  39. james

    for real pixelfucks is 10x better than 80% of these. They have the internet cred to back it up. follow the notes people, follow the notes.

  40. SEYRAN DALIPOVSKI has my vote!

    is this a popularity contest or the best GIF out of 5 entries??

  41. tatantrum

    These GIFs are nothing compared to what pixelfucks does. The real art is @ It’s a shame such that something with MoMA in it’s name sucks that much.


    PixleFucks has amazing work with gifs and should have been chosen for the final five. This gif was submitted into this contest, see for yourselves:

  43. all of Seyran Dalipovski’s work is original and fantastic.

    totally deserves to win.

  44. WOOOOO! 🙂 Thanks everyone!

  45. marissa


  46. I vote for Seyran!!!

  47. Seyran Dalipovski all the way!!!!! :DDDD

  48. pepito

    unbelievable Caroline Lollo !
    I vote for Lollo… well done !

  49. Carapate

    Lolo’s gifs are just amazing!!!

  50. Lexi


    Mad love.

  51. KAA

    Vote for SEYRAN DALIPOVSKI !! haha 😀

  52. gregoiredierendonck

    Really like the job of Caroline Lollo.
    Her website is really good to.
    I definitely vote for her!!!

  53. jeff jimmerson

    these are so boring and generic, the linked pixelfucks gif that was posted above is so much better, come on, a melting face? a two image gif of some ugly broad and a terrible painting she did? photos of plastic bags??? a turd flushing down the toilet is a perfect gif to describe this blog, please make that your banner image.

  54. Nanou

    I vote for Lollo !

  55. Balthazar

    I VOTE

  56. seyran’s “rocks!!!”
    lollo may be the best way to induce an epileptic seizure
    but i voted for the everlasting poop
    someone musta ate a lotta bread

  57. THE ONE


  58. pixelfucks #2

    here’s another that was submitted by the other half of the pixelfucks but never made it to the main contest page.

  59. asdfghjklsdfghjmk,

    vote for Seyran Dalipovsk

  60. nora

    all you people who could not resist saying something mean about caro’s work instead of just voting for your favorite, seyran, are really cheap. and just for the record, just because something doesn’t require manual craft (like drawing) it doesn’t mean it’s easy to make or lazy. there is a real research in caro’s gifs and you can see on her site that her style is constantly evolving. something handmade equals not originality, nor viceversa.

  61. I vote for Seyran Dalipovsk

  62. Pickles


  63. jul

    good job to caroline and seyran

  64. Pauline

    I wish Pixelfucks won

  65. Cappa

    Well Done Lollo.

    I vote for you.

    Thanks to your creativity.

    I wish you a nice future.
    Take Care

  66. :(

    I wish Pisxelfucks one

  67. Seanán Kerr

    All of these are equally awful

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