The World’s Best Ever x MoMA Gif-Away

We’ve partnered with MoMA to give our readers a chance to win a pair of tickets granting access to the Armory Show Vernissage along with the opening-day party at the museum featuring a performance by Kate Nash this March. If you’ve never partied in the Museum of Modern Art, you’ll be in for a one-of-a-kind experience. Since gifs are advanced modern art, we thought what better way to celebrate than to have a gif party. All you have to do be entered to win this competition is submit an original animated gif that you’ve created. We’ll be continuously updating on this page. You have until February 25th to submit your gif, after which time we’ll select our favorites and put it to a public vote the following Monday.  For those not in NY, try your luck anyway, we’ll figure out some way to reward you.

For more info on the party, click here.

Submission time is over!

If you don’t know how to make a gif, look here

Chris Ing

Scott Warburton

Merlin Crossingham

hans sundquist

Radhames Mora

Kevin Cudahy

so teeoh

Nolan Conaway

John Marshall

Jimmy Repeat

Jill Hackney

Caroline Lollo

Ashlee B

mark portillo

Chris Shier

Seyran Dalipovski

salim perez-lixa

Alexandre Marchetti


Marisa Ravel

jared haberer

Brent Dahl

Jared Carnes

jared haberer

Angelo Yap

Beau Cooper

Ryan Maguire, of studio Destroy You Co.

Cristine Blanco

Satan’s Pearl Horses “I Don’t Have Any Fun”

Sasha Blejec

Cecilia Hulander, Sweden.

Theresa Mershon

Justin Wolf

Victoria Shumikhina

Jake Meier

Shu Wang

Adam Mignanelli

Cristine Blanco

Robert Mullally

Justin Poulsen

Matthew Torti

melissa lieb

cammisa forrest

Adele Tobin

sean stewart

Jake Berg

Sam Fu

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  1. Sandro

    This Caroline Lollo girl is amazing!
    Thanks for the link!

  2. Hey since they didn’t link to my site, here it is. Thats apply directly to the forehead.

  3. Jared Carnes

    That Beau Cooper one is freaking amazing

  4. Check out my entry, and more bizarre gifs at
    Good luck everybody!

  5. Hey guys check out more of my stuff here!


    That Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo are dope!

    Good luck GIFerz!

  6. I love all of these!

    Here are more of my own gifs:

    my blog, filled with gifs I like:

    xo, Marisa

  7. I masturbated all over the screen looking at these.
    I can’t wait until making gif’s is my fulltime job

  8. melting kaleidoscope head go BOOM! all awesome. we can’t stop watching – my eye hurt – more gif – now

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