Zakhs Slippers + Giveaway

Whether you’re lounging in the living room writing a blogpost, or on the back patio remembering what sun is like, Zakhs Premium Kazakh Slippers are necessary accessories for comfort. In fact, it’s very easy to forget that they are on your feet at all. Made out of camel wool from KaZakhstan, the slippers come in both indoor and outdoor varieties, and protect and insulate your feet during the winter season while keeping them clean and cool in the summer.

We like them so much, we’re giving away a pair.  In the comments below tell us your favorite thing to do on your feet. The weirdest will be selected by a surprise judge Monday night. If you just cannot wait, head over to Zakhs facebook page for a $10 coupon

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  1. dooger

    with my feet I can
    write down haiku’s faster than
    with my own left hand.

  2. bill

    i need these on my feet!

    i will wear them on the porch while i re-pot my plants in the gorgeous norCal sunshine while sipping some home-brew. when i finish i will gaze over my accomplishments, say “you’re welcome for the new homes” to the plants, and fire up a proper smoke.

  3. My favorite foot past time is stomping pineapples. How did you think pineapple juice is made?

  4. kick you in tha face biatch!

  5. Myles

    i love running down hotel hallways with out shoes on (socks or bare feet)
    i think i can run much faster than with shoes.

  6. Ryan in L.A.

    Hold Miley’s lighter while she smokes “salvia”.

  7. mikey robinson

    my favorite thing to do on my feet is get a tattoo of my life mantra . on vacation

  8. Adam

    I need them to protect my feet from the scum around the floor of my house. For real, the bathroom doesn’t even have mould any more, now it’s seaweed. I wanna OHS with style. My favourite thing to do on my feet, however, is drink till I can’t use them.

  9. Chris Paddock

    What I always do is pirouettes on proctor and gamble notebooks while my dog KONG eats elk bones.

  10. Damian

    using my feet to surf through all of the worlds best ever then telling everyone, using my feet of course.

  11. kyber

    slide across kitchen floors. not sure what these are like on the bottoms but i still want them!

  12. Molly

    My favorite thing to do with my feet is shove them into small, hard, satin pink pointe shoes and spend hours dancing on my toes and doing things with my body that most people would find impossible. My poor feet need some fly slippers!

  13. Tegan

    At work, when I’m sure nobody’s watching, I dance and leap down the hall like my life just turned into a Broadway musical. Which is, of course, my secret dream. WOOT!

  14. Jakey

    My favorite things to do on my feet? Probably walk on the hot street, while listening to some hot beats, sounds so sick I think I’ll hit repeat, pavement’s kinda warm think I’ll take a seat, rest my tired dogs it’s known I’m no athlete, but I wont stay long it’s not in me to retreat, cause lord knows the feelings I hate the most are those that which involve defeat, so I stand up, dust myself off quite discrete, my spirits never higher yeah you can call me upbeat,
    and I soldier on,
    but man would this be nicer with some slippers on my feet.


  15. I hike barefoot.

  16. KAthy

    You guys aren’t curious at all how this NY-based brand gets its shoes? If these are indeed authentic Kazakhstan shoes, where are they made and by who? What’s the mark-up on these shoes and how do the “craftsmen” and “artisans” who make them benefit? Where does the “natural camel wool” come from?

    This company is taking a traditional, third-world product and marketing it in the first-world. The responsible thing to do would be to tell the back story of the brand, and the people behind its products. From reading the “About Us” on their web site, I get none of this information.

  17. Kevin

    My favorite thing to do on my feet is walk to the ice cream store and buy ice cream and then eat ice cream.

  18. Jes-C

    I like to point my big toe up, stand off my heels and pretend to walk like a Velocaraptor.

  19. AJ Lodge

    My favorite thing to do is skateboard. My feet need the comfort of slippers hahaha

  20. benny

    Think on them.

  21. Colin

    Walking, on the ceiling. For those of you who have yet to experience this, it is far more laborious than standard floors.

  22. Jakey

    who won?

  23. the enablist

    Our resident Weirdo chose Inti, because of that gif. whoa. Thank you all who entered. more giveaways soon.

  24. hardtosayit


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