KAWS x The Standard Hotel Light Bulb Haiku Giveaway

We were blessed by The Standard last Thursday when they presented to us a set of KAWS’ lightbulbs to giveaway to a lucky reader. Our server however had other plans, and went down for a week. In that time, the lightbulbs sold out.  The awesome thing though is that we still have the lightbulbs to give away.  To make it interesting, you’re going to have to write a haiku to score the unopened, coveted set. In the comments, write a haiku (5,7,5) based around KAWS, The Standard, Lightbulbs, or just why this would make your life better. The contest will run until February 4th, 2011. After that, our favorite Haiku will be picked as the winner February 7th, 2011.  Enter as many times as you like but, please do not get slanderous. That’s just boring.

Here’s a sample:

The Standard and Kaws
After Thomas Edison
Made Lightbulbs as Art

If you’re having trouble with syllables, check this site out.

Good luck.

126 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. kenny

    beKAWS I want them
    KAWS would want me to have them
    beKAWS i need them

  2. Andres

    KAWS lightbulbs are a
    constant reminder to drink
    interesting beer

  3. Payo

    Thomas Edison
    was the inventor
    But KAWS made it shine

  4. Payo

    Thomas Edison
    invented the light bulb, yes
    But KAWS made it shine

  5. Anthony

    Brian Donnelly
    A Modern Day King Midas
    Now Lights Up The Night

  6. nicholas

    spotlight my being
    i am into light streaming
    standard has my back

  7. stephen alesch

    i wanna lite bulb,
    although im dumb as a rock,
    jus gimmee one man.

  8. RESO914

    Kaws highest standard
    Super Fresh street art for life
    snatch grab stick and move

  9. Anthony

    Three Simple Light Bulbs
    By The Artist Known As KAWS
    Simple Yet Dazzling

    The World’s Best Ever
    Having Me Count Syllables
    All For Three Light Bulbs

    The Standard Hotel
    Always Modern And Trendy
    Turns Heads Once Again

  10. Pook


  11. Brian

    As I lay in darkness
    These bulbs shall brighten my life so
    And I can be complete

  12. Adam

    Power bill’s not paid
    Oh, would you light up my life
    I’m scared of the dark

    How many bloggers
    Taken to change a light bulb?
    Standard response, one.

    I have a dull job
    So here’s one more little poem
    Then I’ll look at porn

  13. Poo

    Your example is 6,7,5

  14. Zach R.

    Street to gallery
    In everyday public space
    For he knows no bounds

  15. Colby

    I’m stuck in the dark.
    If I had light, that would be
    the world’s best ever.

  16. Jon

    Kaws Goes electrical
    Bright Lights In The Big City
    A few bulbs shine bright

  17. Derek

    With X’s for eyes
    Graffiti to gallery
    KawsOne and beyond

  18. Chris

    Treasured bulbs get hot
    KAWS buried his emblem there
    X X marks the spot

  19. phil

    In A World So Dark
    Some Standard Kaws Bulbs Would Be Rad
    Shit Thats All I Had

  20. zach

    Can I Have Them Please
    Always Good To Ask Before
    I Get On My Knees

  21. jackington

    Two funky crosses
    molest the crucifix dead
    new religion made.

  22. Deus Ex Machina,
    and Devil in the details
    Kaws just blue his self

  23. ADRIAN

    Three colors to light
    your own private mind and soul
    Eyes are on the prize

  24. ADRIAN

    Rounded lightning heads
    speaking to me with no words
    The blink of an eye

  25. Blake

    Too many entrants
    I doubt I’ll win these KAWS bulbs
    Hi, Kate Moss Thursday

    KAWS sets the Standard
    of art in light bulbs, perhaps
    The World’s Best Ever

  26. Arianna Garcia


  27. Arianna Garcia


  28. Arianna Garcia


  29. Arianna Garcia


  30. Arianna Garcia


  31. Phil

    Three bulbs in each box
    Two eyes crossed every bulb
    One kaws in each eye

  32. Highly Hyped, Highly profitable,
    Lights don’t shine for the enlightened.
    Knocked out and double crossed.

  33. Rob

    I hang these lightbulbs
    Above my Zebra skin Rug
    Sexy party time

  34. Arianna Garcia


  35. Dennis

    Mickey Mouse Haunts Me
    Will KAWS Protect Me With Light
    YES Cried Michilen

  36. Mandreas

    Strands of filament
    Both advertising and art
    put them on eBay

  37. Chris

    Sitting in traffic..
    With illuminated hope..
    Sent from my iPhone.

  38. Chris

    Contests won?.. Zero.
    Hopes of winning?.. Very high.
    Wait, that’s from the weed.

  39. Chris

    I love these lightbulbs..
    More than I love my own son..
    He was aborted.

  40. Glowing KAWS X’s
    hypnotize and entice me.
    Keep the lights on babe.

  41. Chris

    Sometimes, late at night..
    I lay in the dark and think
    I could use those bulbs.

  42. Chris

    Back when I was five,
    I had the coolest lite-brite..
    Make me young again.

  43. How can I resist
    fucking with the lights on now?
    Jiggling in brilliance.

  44. nicholas

    light bright out of sight
    bulb me up bulb me over

  45. Joe

    before edison
    were lightington bulbingtons
    which did not turn on

  46. Joe

    Better add one more
    X, as my Standard night goes
    Please Do Not Disturb

  47. Joe

    Pull a cork under
    that X-X. Anticipate

  48. Rob

    KAWS bulbs, life giving
    Brighten dark rooms and dwellings
    Where I masturbate

  49. 1000songs

    Over The High Line
    Your Colors Are Like My Dreams
    Red Purple and Green

  50. 1000songs

    Nothing Standard Here
    Pressed Up Against The Windows
    You Light Up My Life

  51. 1000songs

    What Could Be Better
    Public SeXX At The Standard
    Insert KAWS bulbs Here

  52. ROB

    KAWS bulbs set the mood
    “Baby, let me do anal…”
    “No!!?? It’s my birthday!”

  53. casius

    Kaws crosses to green
    with every Standard room
    emitting spring blooms

  54. casius

    art imitates life
    expression of a green thumb
    in a hotel room

  55. casius

    incandescent bulbs
    a hotel fights for the Kaws
    to illuminate

  56. KAWS light kisses skin
    Like butterflies with sore feet
    I need those kisses

  57. Jasper Li

    Version 1:
    (Looked up how many syllables World’s has and it depends on how you say it, It can be either 1 or 2. Here is the version with it being 1 Syllable)

    Wish For Things Tonight
    World’s Best Ever Standard Light
    The KAWs Will Be Bright

    Version 2:
    (World’s as 2 Syllables)

    Wish For Things Tonight
    The World’s Best Ever Light
    The KAWs Will Be Bright

  58. My room has gone dark;
    The one bulb I own is out.
    I could use three more.

  59. Jason

    a few…never tried haiku before

    a bulb i would like
    so strange and so beautiful
    to warm a cold night

    KAWS has great ideas
    his creativity rules
    KAWS he is number one

    double x standard
    beautiful in my bedroom
    without would be doom

  60. Jason

    a few more for a try:

    pretty bulbs of art
    fancier light for my room
    glow light like the moon

    strange bulbs in my house
    thank you electricity
    power the standard

    turning on the light
    the room glowing not too bright
    come bring on the night

    i beg for a set
    all sold out at online stores
    a win i shall wish

  61. Joe Paris

    bulbs have two uses
    one is to give the world light
    the other is crack.

  62. DAVE


  63. Koontang

    Yo, whats a Haiku
    No shit! this is a haiku?
    wait, i can win what?

  64. The Standard light bulb
    Redesigned by artist KAWS
    For my inmost shrine

  65. Michael L. Franklin

    Lady GaGa cries
    KAWS light bulbs are all sold out
    You left her ‘Speechless’


    When X marks the spot
    It’s time for another shot
    KAWS bulbs are sold out

  66. Michael L. Franklin

    These are not just lights
    They are what makes my life bright
    Under these X lights

  67. Michael L. Franklin

    Lady GaGa love
    Is much like The Standard lights
    GaGa, ooh, la, la

  68. Ian

    Two Crossbones for eyes /
    Wired to a glass body /
    Good morning, Sunshine

  69. Ian

    He sets the Standard /
    Jersey City, and proud of it /
    You know him as Kaws

  70. Ian

    A slimy figure /
    Twisting around her body /
    Stares blankly with X’s

  71. Colby

    I closely follow
    The TWBE Standard
    KAWS it lights my mind

  72. RIKU

    One thing I hate,
    Is competition like this,
    But hey, I want KAWS

  73. Joe the Butcher

    Almost everyday
    I waste my day away, by
    loging on to You!

  74. spencer Ellis

    KAWS and effect are
    together in a light bulb
    with star crossed beauty

  75. SKETCH

    The light of my life
    I can not see
    for there is no electricity

  76. Ryan Thomas

    In the dark of night
    I switch on the worlds best ever
    I am now shining

  77. Coils glowing bright red,
    Green, blue, the light switches off
    I love you, KAWS

  78. Coils glowing bright red,
    Green, blue, the light switches off
    I love you so, KAWS

  79. Kaws blurs lines of art
    Blur art green art red art blue
    The bulbs make it clear

  80. These sold out light bulbs,
    I would like to own them, KAWS.
    but I never will.

  81. It’s probably best
    That I don’t win these KAWS bulbs
    Won’t survive the post

  82. These fancy KAWS bulbs,
    I’d be scared to turn them on,
    For fear that they break

  83. With KAWS in the night
    I will read by magic light

  84. Like a tangerine
    Or a neon mangosteen
    lustrous filament

  85. João Gomes

    Ray of light shining
    Night with a city asleep
    My best ever dream

  86. xxx xxxx xxx-xx xxx
    xxxx xxx x xx xxxx xxx xx
    x xxxx xx xxx xxxx!

  87. What glows and flows will
    improve our scene, while green and
    wind will do us in.

  88. You were there standing
    Looking at my junk real hard
    My KAWS lighting breasts

  89. Be Kaws the world’s round
    It turns me on. Be Kaws the
    wind is high it blows

  90. Kris

    Tradycja mówi
    Że sylaby po polsku
    Dają żarówki.

    which translated as:

    It is tradition
    That syllables in Polish
    Will get you light bulbs.

  91. Stevo

    light brings hope in dark
    color gives life to death
    KAWs makes the world go round

  92. Reese Fuller

    Tongue traces the box.
    Criss-cross apple sauce pattern.
    KAWs lights have been off.

  93. Reese Fuller

    The city don’t sleep.
    The city is just like me.
    What KAWs keeps me awake?

  94. Reese Fuller

    Half man half monster.
    Originally a fake.
    Brian Donnelly.

  95. Jon Brandon Cruz

    The story of Kaws,
    A guiding light to always
    follow your street dreams.

  96. Counting Syllables
    is it dark out already
    Turn on the color

  97. Lit up through the eaves
    see the forest for the trees
    the best world ever

  98. So X marks the spot
    Kaws buried treasure lies here
    Pass that rum my way

  99. Kate Moss’s O face
    with Kaws X bulbs in le bain
    sexy tic tac toe

  100. Ever the World’s Best
    Kaws invents a new standard
    you heard it here first

  101. See my unabridged
    and unflinching utterance
    “Kaws hath my torch lit”

  102. eckotyper

    the new standard look
    came and gone before i bought
    i cry in sorrow

  103. Ce soir dans le bain
    avec Kaws et MF DOOM
    a plus dans le bus

  104. Richard L

    XX Is The Sign
    Illuminating Within
    I’m Dead Too

  105. dusty bottoms

    i don’t want the bulbs
    i am just competitive
    bathroom lights are out

  106. Leave it to Kaws, make
    me reminisce over this
    loss of a lover

  107. Chip

    The Standard Kaws Shines
    The World’s Best Lightbulbs Divine
    Ever Wonder Why?

  108. Kenvas

    The World’s Best Ever
    Giving Away Kaws Light Bulbs
    To who will it go?

  109. Eugene

    Kaws sets the standard
    What a jolly good fella
    Bringing smile to all

  110. kenvas

    Trying my utmost
    To come out with a haiku
    And win the Kaws Bulbs

  111. kenvas

    To win the Kaws bulbs
    Is the greatest gift of all
    Lighting up my life

  112. kenvas

    Kaws the almighty
    Showing off his skills for all
    Lighting up our lives

  113. Garry

    Kaws lightbulbs
    Make my heartbulb
    Boil in need

    Standartly sun raises
    Kaws lightbulbs to turn off
    No need for art

    Night is happiness
    My folks are here
    Kaws bulbs be on

    Ten million people
    In front of my door now
    Kaws creation to turn on

    Cross your heart
    Come close to Kaws lightbulbs
    Shut eyes – cross you see

  114. Anthony

    The World’s Best Ever,
    I Promise I Won’t Flip These
    Like Everyone Else

  115. Nati

    Kaws what a delight
    produce art installations
    illuminate life

  116. Troy

    Shrouded in a shell
    Vibrant characters glow soft
    As unwatching eyes

  117. BW

    Under a black line
    Ex out my eyes like Murdock
    I am Bart Kimpson

  118. give me these light bulbs,
    then i’ll flip them on ebay,
    and buy you whiskey.

  119. do these even work?!
    i mean kaws is real awesome,
    but do they make light?

  120. kaws and the standard,
    made some fancy ass light bulbs,
    break ’em and free base!

  121. last minute entries…
    trying to win these light bulbs.
    that kaws has designed.

  122. Jason

    Did we pick a winner yet? Congrats to whomever it may be.

  123. Will we ever know who won? I’m super curious now.

  124. Jason

    Guess not. Bummer

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