Sound Advice 83: Ripo

We are pleased to present our 83rd installment of Sound Advice featuring Ripo. Ripo is a Barcelona-based artist.
Sound Advice 83

01. Fuck the Police by NWA
02. Real Motherfuckin’ G’s by Eazy-E
03. Fuck You by Dr. Dre
04. Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ to Fuck With by Wu-Tang Clan
05. Fuck You Pay Me by A.R.E. Weapons
06. Your Fucking Head Split by Necro
07. Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches
08. Fuck the People by The Kills
09. Angelfuck by Misfits
10. Too Drunk to Fuck by Dead Kennedys
11. Fuck the USA by The Exploited
12. I’d Like to Fuck the Shit Out by David Alan Coe


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