Sound Advice 75: Justin Blyth

We are pleased to present our 75th installment of Sound Advice featuring Justin Blyth. Justin is an Amsterdam-based artist and designer, and also the mind behind THEM THANGS.
Sound Advice 75

01. Damaged Goods by Gang of Four
02. M by Voyager One
03. Echo by Blessure Grave
04. Can’t Live in a Living Room by Modern Witch
05. I Want Your Damage by Nice Face
06. When I Got High with You by COOLRUNNINGS
07. Isolation by Joy Division
08. Eisbar by Grauzone
09. Grinding Halt by The Muslims
10. Violet Eyes by My Gold Mask
11. Mirror by Blessure Grave
12. Sin in My Heart by Sioxsie & the Banshees
13. Ghosts by The Hundred in the Hands
14. The Walk 2 by Geneva Jacuzzi
15. Teacher of Lust by Cccandy
16. Mind, Drips by Neon Indian
17. Gospel of Your Eyes by The Rare Birds
18. The Eternal by Joy Division
19. Empathy by Crystal Castles
20. Not the Only One by Modern Witch
21. Bad Moods by Geneva Jacuzzi
22. Toutes Comme Moi by Sexy Sushi
23. Sogni Rossi by CFCF
24. Dawn by Black Meteoric Star
25. Sekoilu Seestyy by Pekka Pohjola
26. Attitude by Pajo
27. One Day by UGK


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