Sound Advice 74: Greg Dulli

We are pleased to present our 74th installment of Sound Advice featuring Greg Dulli. Greg is a musician who’s currently on solo tour. You might know him from The Afghan Whigs, The Twilight Singers, or The Gutter Twins.
Sound Advice 74

01. Part 1 by James Blackshaw
02. The Big Escape by Orgone
03. Un Soir, Un Chien by Laetitia Sadier
04. A Sad Shade of Blue by Geater Davis
05. Not Forgotten by Groove Armada featuring Nick Littlemore
06. Lila Engel by Neu!
07. Bin Laden by Immortal Technique featuring Mos Def
08. Sadie by Black Mountain
09. Love Me Back by Willie Hutch
10. I Hear the Sirens by The Dirtbombs
11. Kandylanes by Gonjasufi
12. Bank Robbery by John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis and Taj Mahal
13. Laughing by David Crosby
14. The Fly by David Axelrod
15. Redlight by Broken Keys
16. Exhibit A – Main by Jay Electronica
17. Sugar and Whitebread (Instrumental) by Glass Candy
18. Blindness by The Fall
19. Mean Sleep by Van Hunt featuring Nikka Costa
20. Redlights by Salem
21. From A Photograph by Chris Whitley
22. Juicy by Notorious B.I.G.
23. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan by Marianne Faihfull
24. Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On by Edwin Starr
25. Hotel Radio by David Bridie
26. See Don’t See by Marie Queenie Lyons
27. Over Again by Black Milk featuring Monica Blair
28. Off Point by Junip
29. Cutting Ice to Snow (Live) by Efterklang and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra
30. In the End by Charlotte Gainsbourg


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  1. Would have been nice if the songs were separate on the download so we had a clue what we were listening too.

  2. the enablist

    Gary, the songs are chaptered so when it is in itunes you can see what song is on and skip to the next

  3. Dena

    I’m having trouble downloading from this site. Is this podcast available in iTunes? I can’t find it. Thanks!

  4. the enablist

    unfortunately it is on media fire only. I’m downloading now to see if there are any glitches

  5. the world does live on itunes. What about the rest of us that do not use itunes ? I have 2 hours of good music and I cant figure out what the songs are

  6. the enablist

    Gary, I’m pretty sure it works like that in every player

  7. Justin

    I’m not seeing chapters in foobar2000 or windows media player or vlc. Not a big deal.

  8. Mark

    Track 8 by Black Mountain is amazing. iTunes shows the number but you can’t advance easily to the beginning of the next track, unless someone knows how to do this please share. DULLI IS A GENIUS! Those of you who do not know him, please check out the Afghan Whigs, Twlilight Singers and Gutter Twins. The man is truly a musical genius.

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