Installation View: Jeff Koons “Made in Heaven” Series (XXX)*

Behind the front door and up the stairs of an unassuming townhouse on the Upper East Side is where you’ll find nine works by Jeff Koons.  Graphic in nature, massive in size, and controversial to some, the “Made in Heaven” Series debuted at the Venice Biennale 20 years ago featuring Koons and his soon bride-to-be (now ex-wife) Italian porn star La Cicciolina.  Once you get past the sex, the love and caring between these two is unmatchable.

Now on view at Luxembourg & Dayan

64 East 77th Street
NYC, 10075

*And for those who don’t realize, XXX is the old school term for NSFW.

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  1. Mark

    I believe she became a politician?

  2. lea bohun

    I guess Jeffi baby is nowhere to be found , just some agents. I found all those images rather sweet but She is terribly cold to his penis. Jeff is problably a true “shit sturer” looking for mummy is a gentle rebelious bourgeoisie collectable antics.
    She always was a sweety (but a bore), and together they made good money, So really the art pieces are not the images but the public reactions who is/was usually rather “blaze”.
    I have seen better in the “genre”, less slick,less trashy in colors.
    So let hope they have made some progress in Art if not in Sex.
    Best Wishes, Lea.

  3. Rosangela

    Isso é arte?
    Eu só sei que é nojento, retratar a intimidade assim, apenas por dinheiro, deprimente.

  4. Sam

    Oh, that’s what fine art is.

  5. I at least think that Jeff was being true to his heart in the old days and painting and sculpting passionately as opposed to these days whereby one would be totally convinced his motivation is strictly money. All one has to do is look at the parameters of the proposed “Locomotive on a cable” that’s upcoming.

  6. critic

    Overrated shit like Warhol

  7. tom

    Must have felt great to fuck Cicciolinas ass and cum on her face. Best thing- you can even sell it as art 😉

  8. There’s time for everything and I think,that is why they just break -up.

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