Good Day Tuesday with Jay Howell

I’m jay howell, I live in San Francisco and here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Royal Baths – Drudgery

I saw this band like 2 weeks ago in a basement at like midnight and they blew me away.
I’m very excited about this band, and go see them when they come tour around….with fucking the Fresh and Onlys (a rad rad rad band).
Here’s a track to get weird to.

Eurythimics – Take me to your heart
Take me to your heart

In the Garden.
This record rules.
It’s the Eurythmics first record and it’s Krautrocky and totally great.
Like this song now please.


Ariel Pink – Menopause man
Menopause man

Have you heard this new record? It’s great.
Check out this sexy ass song (Ruth likes to call this song sexy) I agree with her.

Twin Shadow – Slow

This dude is tight.


Deerhunter – Coronado

Their new record is very good, listen to it.
I have already played it way too much.


Mantles – Cascades

Great band and here’s a jam off the new EP. They’re playing with the Royal Baths on Oct. 1st at the Hemlock.


California Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie
Teach Me How To Dougie

I like songs about dances…or whatever this song is about.

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