The Good Life, Hickory Smoked

GrandLife and Kanon were gracious enough to invite us to one of their awesome pool parties in Southampton this last weekend. This one featured one of our favorite bands, The Rapture, along with the usual Hamptons babe-fest, cool kids galore, incredible shrimp tacos and lots and lots and lots of Kanon vodka (which, by the way, gave us zero hangover the next day – new go-to!) We would’ve been soured on the whole thing when the bus transporting us back to New York got in a minor fender bender, but we collided with a truck pulling a BBQ smokehouse on wheels that gave us pounds of chicken, brisket and ribs to take home as consolation. GrandLife indeed.

Alix McAlpine

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  1. you guys got in a car wreck?!?! what sort of idiotic bus company are the hiring!! a few weeks prior our bus back from the kanon trip had its engine die and we sat around for hours, miserable, and wanting to get the fuck home. AMATURE HOUR!

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