Good Day Tuesday with Jay Howell

I’m jay howell, I live in San Francisco and here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Family trees – No One Will Ever Know
No One Will Ever Know

This is a fun summer song. There’s a video for the song with young babes runnin around like hippies. It’s gotta kind vibe. I like how the guitar sounds and how the vocals progress.

His Clancyness – Summer Majestic
Summer Majestic
I wish San Francisco Summers were majestic, the weather sucks here right now. There’s like a million chicks wearing winter stuff in July. This song is tight and I hope this Clancy guy keeps in this direction.


Slavagoh – There Is A Way
There Is A Way
I emailed this dude and asked him to send me a bunch of tracks. He was very kind and sent them over. I think he was in Human Television ( who I love ). I’ve listened to these songs like a million times. Drenched in keyboards and great hooks. I like this very much.


Ape School – My Intention
My Intention
Another member of the Human Television Family. So, that band broke up and everyone in it made another good band? I had no idea which song to pick because their all different and good.


Guided By Voices – Avalanche Aminos
Avalanche Aminos
And you’re not going to see them play when they come around?


The Spits – Die, Die, Die
Die, Die, Die
I wish this song was like 30mins longer. Everyone knows this band kills it.

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