Sound Advice 63: Jesse Jones

We are pleased to present our 63rd installment of Sound Advice featuring Jesse Jones, singer for NYHC favorites Yuppicide, DJ, artist, interactive designer, and overall sweetheart of a man. He’s created the perfect mix to help you get your shit done as you stare out the windows longing to be in the sun, or to just kick back and enjoy.
Sound Advice 63

01. Thou Shalt Always Kill by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
02. Day In The Life (L-VIs 1990 Remix) by Beezy
03. Trouble by Rodney P (ft. Honey Williams)
04. Blood Dunza by Johnny Clarke
05. In Time Come by Earth and Stone
06. Feel Like Jumping by Marcia Griffiths
07. Dutty Six Pack by Santogold vs Diplo (ft. Cutty Ranks)
08. List Of Demands (Reparations) by Saul Williams
09. Pig Latin by The Dillinger Escape Plan (ft. Mike Paton)
10. In The Belly Of A Shark by Gallows
11. Hey, Hey, Hey by The Pistolas
12. Death Disco by Public Image Limited


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  1. Khyber khan lee

    The enhanced version is dope!

  2. suekwon

    brilliant+refreshing mix from jesse jones, a gentleman + scholar always!

  3. Todd

    F*ing good mix Jesse.

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