Sasha Grey and David Choe’s New Book

David Choe has a new monograph out this month with Chronicle Books. You should buy it, because it’s good. Here is Sasha Grey with the book…and on the drums. She Bangs!

photos via David Choe

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  1. Mike

    It’s awesome that despite doing everything in her power to be taken seriously, claiming to take roles against type, etc — we still only see her nude, and in the case of Entourage, playing herself.

  2. David Choe used to be good

    As the name says, and the $200 mil is the end of him. Dead in a year or two from a OD. Shame, guy used to paint really well. Sasha’s just doing her one trick pony thing, don’t knock her for it. Everyone gotta eat. Some girls like sucking and being banged in the star.

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