Good Day Tuesday with Jay Howell

I’m jay howell, I live in San Francisco and here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Love of Diagrams – A Part Of You
A Part Of You

This band has a awesome 90’s sound and most of the songs are long. I like long songs.

Beaches – In A While
In A While
Ripping Australian band. I’ve been waiting for something new by these girls and this is rad.


The Ropers – September’s Rain
September’s Rain
This has been on steady rotation for the last few weeks and it goes well with the last two bands.


Raleigh Moncrief – Ms. Miller featuring Fancie
Ms. Miller featuring Fancie
Sacramento is a weird city and it’s like all of a sudden like 10 awesome bands pop up every so often.
This track is wicked.


Twin Sister – Lady Daydream
Lady Daydream
It took me a sec to get into this, I like to hear this at night with my headphones on.


Free Kisses – Hide our hands
Free Kisses
Maybe this girl can come over every night around 2am and sing me to sleep.
I wish I could get a copy of “He’s so Fine”

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