Sound Advice 58: Pete Ciccotto

We are pleased to present our 58th installment of Sound Advice featuring Pete Ciccotto. Pete is a NYC-based creative director and contributor to TWBE.
Sound Advice 58

01. Clobberin’ Time / Pay the Price by Sick Of It All
02. Gorilla Biscuits by Gorilla Biscuits
03. Born Against are Fucking Dead by Born Against
04. Big Take Over by Bad Brains
05. Catalina by Descendents
06. Police by Fucked Up
07. Arise by Sepultura
08. Take No Prisoners by Megadeth
09. Long Way Back From Hell by Danzig
10. I Get Wet by Andrew W.K.
11. Nurse, Would You Prep the Patient For the Sexual Doctor by Daughters
12. The Godfather (movie theme) by Fantômas
13. When Good Dogs Do Bad Things by The Dillinger Escape Plan With Mike Patton


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  1. YES! Very good.

  2. Oh SNAP! Pete, I didn’t know you were a contributor here! Good to see you’re still out and about in the rotten apple.

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