Good Day Tuesday with Jay Howell

I’m jay howell, I live in San Francisco and here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Young Prisms – I don’t get much
I Don’t Get Much

These San Francisco dudes have a perfect sound. I haven’t seen them live and I want to.
I just got home from the bar and am blasting my brain out with this jam. There’s a full length coming out on Mexican Summer? Awesome, I will have it.

Lilys – Won’t make you ( Sleepy )
Won’t make you ( Sleepy )
What in the world is up with this band. Every record was so good and now you can’t buy them anywhere. I heard there was a documentary somewhere???
Who knows. This song is absolutely great and I will love the Lily’s forever. Weirdo bands just get weirder I guess.


Mantles – Burden
Hey, more S.F music to love. It’s cool Siltbreeze put this out, those people have good taste. I put a 7″ out of this band last year and they keep getting better.


Phoenix – Sometimes in the Fall
Sometimes in the Fall
This is my favorite band right now. I just keep liking them more and more and I can’t get enough.
There’s no denying that they’re the best pop band. Dang, did you see the trailer for Sofia Coppolas new movie?
That still gives me the shivers thinking about it. Last 2 minutes of Love Like A Sunset. Very kind.


The Swirlies – Sterling Moss
Sterling Moss
I love this song and play it out all the time, it sounds great turned up loud.


Davila 666 – Tu
Puerto Rican dudes tearing it up all over the damn place. This song is the slow jam on the record.

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