Sound Advice 51: Lord Scotch

We are pleased to present our 51st installment of Sound Advice featuring Lord Scotch. Lord Scotch aka SCOTCH 79 aka KEO TOP TC-5 X-MEN is a NY-based graffiti legend.
Sound Advice 51

Track 1 – The Good Shit

Mixed by Kool Enue COD


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  1. your missing a credit to the DJ. This was a collaboration with Kool Enue COD aka Genghis Kangol.

    On another note, bump this mix. its hard as hell.

  2. Big D

    Kills, takes off with some serious raga dance hall from classics to East Coast yardies.

  3. JEB

    Perhaps it’s just me, but whenever I download the zipped file, it always indicates the audio file itself is corrupted. This has happened a few times before, but so far I’ve managed to acquire (and enjoy) most all these mixes, excepting 51, 53 and 54 to date. Is there an alternate or mirrored site, or some exception I should be looking for in my own archival software to remedy this?

    Thank you kindly for the music, and for any help you can offer,


  4. jp

    i get the same problem when downloading!!
    any other link to download from?
    help please!
    dope site people! big fan of the sound advice!


  5. the enablist

    I’ve added a new download link. Personally, I test all links before they go live on a mac. what type of cpu are you using? anyway, thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy.

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