The Hundred Layer Lasagna

As stated in an interview I once gave, “I’m like Garfield to lasagna.”  So obviously I’m excited to one day try out this 100 layer lasagna at Del Posto.

Just look at this build. 100 layers: 50 practically transparent sheets of handmade pasta, alternating with 50 layers of sauce (Bolognese, besciamella, and marinara). Now all I need is some money to go dine there and I’m in.  Ad revenue, where you at?

More at NY Mag

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  1. My twins simply love lasagna. And week after week I have to come up with something different about their favorite dish. Good thing that lasagna can get very versatile so you can easily give it a twist. I’ve tried making a thicker lasagna, too, but definitely not like this one. 100 hundred layer lasagna, wow, that’s amazing!

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