Good Day Tuesday with Jay Howell

I’m jay howell, I live in San Francisco and here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Gauntlet Hair – Our Scenery
Our Scenery
This is exactly what I want to hear right now.
Do you guys have any more songs?
What label are you on?
Will you play in San Francisco this summer?
So I like this song a lot, and will jam it full blast at Smiths night on Friday.

Sonny and the Sunsets – Lovin’ on and Older Gal
Lovin’ on and Older Gal
Sonny Smith has been ruling it here in S.F for a long time.
He’s put out a slew of awesome records over the years.
I guess this is his newest band set up and it’s great, here’s a fun jam to turn up and feel good too.


Beach Fossils – The Horse
The Horse
I wrote about this band before, but they just put out a new record and i’m all over it.
They remind me of Shadowy men on a Shadowy planet ( the dudes who did the Kids in the Hall theme ), and it’s fun for me to think about.
I will also be blasting this jam at Smiths night….wasted.

Minks – Funeral Song
Funeral Song
Everybody wants to talk about The Cure when they talk about this band.
I feel like thats cool if you wanna say that because The Cure rule and this band is bad ass in it’s own way.
Smiths night much?


Shadows – Shadows
This is like Spacemen 3. But, whatever it’s awesome.
I listen to this record a ton with the headphones on gettin’ weird alone drawin or whatever with a bottle of wine.
The line ” You are just a shadow, and I am just someone who talks to shadows ” is cool.
It was hard to choose just one song on this record.

Javelin – Susie Cues
Susie Cues
Sick of this indie shit?
Here’s some beats yo!
This record’s the early summer hit.

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