Sound Advice 49: the BLAAAHg

We are pleased to present our 49th installment of Sound Advice featuring the BLAAAHg.  The BLAAAHg is a plethora of information organized for the chaotically like minded individual that prefers the finer things in web surfing. Run by a couple of broski’s who grew up around skateboard culture and grew INTO the art/design culture, we cater to people like us. People who don’t take life too seriously, but all the same have a very specific appreciation that extends into aesthetics from classic art history, to just straight up cool shit.
Sound Advice 49

01. Love Like a Sunset by Phoenix
02. C-Thru by Lemonade & Glasser
03. Lay Down In The Tall Grass by Timber Timbre
04. Hey Tonight by Credence Clearwater Revival
05. Go Outside by Cults
06. Gay Human Bones by Harlem
07. Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) by Small Black
08. I Was Thinking… by Gauntlet Hair
09. Psychic Chasm (BRAHMS) by Neon Indian
10. Pussy by Brazilian Girls
11. Shroud The Stars by Mos Dub
12. Politics As Usual by Jay-Z
13. Lose My Mind by Young Jeezy (ft. Plies)
14. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel


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