Jay McInerney’s new WSJ Wine Column

I remember reading Jay McInerney’s wine musings in the now defunct House & Garden, and thinking to myself that with age, he had become more interesting while writing about wine than penning novels.

“My first experience with a sparkling pink wine took place on a blanket on the lawn at Tanglewood in the company of a girl named Joan Coughlin. The Who were onstage performing “Tommy” and the warm summer air was perfumed with incense and cannabis smoke. The wine in question, Cold Duck, was, I discovered much later, composed of two parts New York State sparkling wine and one part California bulk red wine. I eventually learned to turn up my nose at Cold Duck, but I think my fond memories of that evening may have something to do with my abiding enthusiasm for rosé Champagne.”

Not that I wouldn’t read another book by him, it’s just that his characters matured way more quickly than I have.  And I like to relate.

The full column at the WSJ

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